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PUYB Virtual Book Club Q&A + Book Giveaway with #HistoricalFiction 'Saving Jackie K' LDC Fitzgerald

We welcome LDC Fitzgerald to PUYB Virtual Book Club!  LDC is here today to talk about her brand new book, SAVING JACKIE K.  Ask her a question in the comment section and we will pick one of you to win a copy of her book!  The contest will begin today and end on December 6.  Please leave your email address with your answer so we know how to get in touch with you.  Only those leaving email addresses will be eligible to

More about LDC:

L.D.C. Fitzgerald is the author of SAVING JACKIE K, a thrilling adventure to rescue the First Lady. In writing a story with an unexpected twist on the Kennedy Conspiracy, Fitzgerald relentlessly researched the facts regarding the JFK assassination, and wove them into a fictional world.

The author name L.D.C. Fitzgerald is, in fact, a pseudonym representing the combined talents of two writers: Lisa D. and Dave C. Lisa is a recovering Marketing Executive, having spent two decades researching consumer insights. Dave, a self-educated computer geek, has been selling his soul to corporate America for over a quarter century.
You can visit their book's website at

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Thanks for coming today, LDC!  I have to admit – I was and still am a fan of JFK and his wife, Jackie O.  Do you remember the day JFK was shot or was that before your time?

LDC:  I, too, am a fan of Jack and Jackie Kennedy.  I wish I could say after relentlessly researching the assassination and the events that followed, that I feel as if I knew what it was like to have lived during that time.  But the truth is, I don't think a person can really understand how it felt to see JFK get shot, or even to learn about the assassination of a 20th century president second-hand.  The news was, and is, shocking and tragic.  The first time I visited the site of the shooting in Dealey Plaza, I felt a cold shiver traverse my body from head to toe.  To see the site of such a senseless and sensational murder was chilling.  I believe that is the closest I will get to knowing what it must have been like.  

Wow, I would love to see that.  I bet chills ran up and down your spine. Why the fascination with JFK and Jackie anyway?  In other words, why did you write this?

LDC:  John F. Kennedy was a gifted speaker, and a man who left an indelible impact on the world as the 35th president.  He thwarted Nuclear war with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis, established the Peace Corps to foster world peace, promoted Civil Rights during a period of violent racial tension, and launched the Space Race by challenging America to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade.  And, his untimely assassination and the controversy that surrounds it continue to be debated 50 years later.  

The idea for the novel came from a B-movie where a time traveler goes back to 1963 and prevents the assassination.  I wanted to take that idea and flip it on its head.  So in my novel, it is Jackie Kennedy who is killed by sniper fire in Dealey Plaza, and a team goes back in time to save her.  (Thus, in the fictional world, she remains Jackie K.) 

As you know, Jackie was well-respected and admired as well.  Highly regarded as a fashion icon, Mrs. Kennedy was also an educated woman fluent in several languages.  She organized and managed the first full-scale renovation of the White House in over 100 years.  In 1962, the First Lady took Americans on a televised tour through the famed building, in a savvy political move that impressed not just the US, but ultimately the world.  She made herself accessible to everyday people by inviting them into her home. 

I grew up in that era and I have to tell you, you are right on the money.  Women idolized her. I love it that this book is a time travel maybe?  Can you tell us what happens to make it a time travel?

LDC:  In my novel, the snipers missed JFK in 1963 and killed Jackie Kennedy instead.  When Russian spies were fingered as the culprits, it sparked an ongoing nuclear war between the US and USSR.  In present day, a team of American outlaws is tasked with creating the ultimate weapon: an Anti-Matter bomb that will destroy Russia and end the war once and for all.  As the team works with the Anti-Matter, a side effect is produced:  Anti-Time. Armed with this time-travel invention, the team travels back to 1963 on a mission to save Jackie K, and prevent 50 years of bloodshed.  

As an added twist, the Anti-Time device travels them through time only, not through space.  So they have to calculate exactly where the earth will be at their destination time.  In order to make sure they do not land in the center of the planet and get crushed, they use a spaceship and land in orbit above the earth. 

Who is your main character and would you like to tell us more about him/her?

LDC:  In the beginning of the novel, the main character is defined as the entire team of time-travel outlaws.  As the book progresses, key parts of the story center on Dee Doherty, a reporter from 2013 who is an expert on the Jackie K assassination.  She is personally invested in the mission, since her grandfather was a Dallas cop at the time.  In 1963, she tries to enlist her granddad to help with the scheme to prevent the assassination, but he is understandably incredulous of their claim of being travelers from the future.  
In the end, Dee's life is irrevocably changed.  I think I identified most with Dee, a feisty character who pushes for justice by standing up to authority. 

What about secondary characters?  Would you like to introduce them?

LDC:  In addition to the team, the novel includes several real life people who were involved in the events of the assassination on November 22, 1963.  Although Dee is fictional, her "grandfather" was a real life patrolman in Dallas, Officer JD Tippit.  Accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald is in the book, and his movements closely follow what is known about his actions on the day of the assassination and the days preceding it.  Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald two days after Kennedy was killed, is also in the novel.  He owned a burlesque club in Dallas called the Carousel Club, and the time-travel team cases the joint looking for the fictional Russian spies. 

In the make believe world, I ascribed motivations to the players to help explain why they acted the way they did in real life. 

Every book of fiction has a pivotal point for the reader that they can’t forget.  What do you think is one of the pivotal points in your book?

LDC:  For Saving Jackie K, the pivotal moment comes at the exact time of the assassination.  Every chapter of the book is marked with a date and time stamp, so the novel is literally counting down to 12:30 pm on November 22, 1963.  The suspense increases as the clock ticks forward to that crucial moment.  What is going to happen?  Can the team change history?  

Then, when the assassins strike, the scene is shown several times from multiple viewpoints.  The idea was to show the scene in slow-motion, so the reader can see what is happening in different areas of Dealey Plaza, from different characters' perspectives.  A lot of people see pictures or diagrams of the fateful incident, and assume that they can pinpoint the location of every player and bystander.  But what you have to remember is that the action changes from second to second as people move forward in time. 

This book certainly sounds riveting! Is there anything else you’d like to tell your readers?

LDC:  I want to thank everyone for stopping by today.  Readers can find out more about Saving Jackie K at the website:  There is a wealth of information about JFK, Jackie, Oswald, Ruby, and the tragic assassination.  And you can read the first few chapters by clicking the "start reading now" button.  Saving Jackie K is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I hope readers decide to check it out.
Best wishes!

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  1. Welcome to the club, LDC! LDC will be on standby to answer any questions you may have so ask away!

  2. I was wondering if you book touches on the conspiracy theory that there was a 2nd shooter in the storage drain at Dealey Plaza? My 7 year old son (yes, you read that right) is so fascinated with the Kennedy's that he has me read every book he finds on them and then tell him about it. He loves the conspiracy theories and likes for me to take him to Dealey Plaza and see if he thinks they could be true. Do you have a particular conspiracy that you think holds more clout that you used in your book? (

  3. I've always been fascinated by the Kennedy family and this book sounds intriguing. Sounds like something I would like.

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  5. I have read a lot about JFK and that period in our history and would like to read what you have to say about it.

  6. With this being the 50th anniversary, there are so many wonderful memories alive at this time. I would wonder if Jackie did die, what would have happened to the children. She held the country together and her children went on to be great people. How does that change in the book?

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  7. I didn't realize this was a time travel book ( which I love) and it deals with a fascinating time in history. Your book sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon reading! Thanks for this interview.

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