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Weak at the Knees Virtual Book Tour Highlights

It's so sad to see our authors go, but in tribute we do a recap of the highlights of their blog tour with us at Pump Up Your Book.  Today we're highlighting Jo Kessel and her Weak at the Knees Virtual Book Publicity Tour.

About the Author:

Jo Kessel is a journalist in the UK, working for the BBC and reporting and presenting for ITV
on holiday, consumer and current affairs programs. She writes for several national newspapers including the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Express and was the anonymous author of the Independent’s hit column: Diary of a Primary School Mum. 

When Jo was ten years old she wrote a short story about losing a loved one. Her mother and big sister were so moved by the tale that it made them cry. Having reduced them to tears she vowed that the next time she wrote a story it would make them smile instead. Happily she succeeded and with this success grew an addiction for wanting to reach out and touch people with words.
P.S Jo’s pretty certain one of her daughters has inherited this gene.
Other books by Jo Kessel include Lover in Law.

Her latest book is the new adult novel, Weak at the Knees.

Visit her website at

About the Book:

“We got so busy living life that we forgot to live our dreams.”

Danni Lewis has been playing it safe for twenty-six years, but her sheltered existence is making her feel old ahead of time. When a sudden death plunges her into a spiral of grief, she throws caution to the wind and runs away to France in search of a new beginning.

The moment ski instructor Olivier du Pape enters her shattered world she falls hard, in more ways than one.

Their mutual desire is as powerful and seductive as the mountains around them. His dark gypsy looks and piercing blue eyes are irresistible.

Only she must resist, because he has a wife – and she’d made a pact to never get involved with a married man.

But how do you choose between keeping your word and being true to your soul?

Weak at the Knees is Jo’s debut novel in the new adult, contemporary romance genre – a story of love and loss set between London and the heart of the French Alps.

Virtual Book Tour Highlights: 
Interview at Blogcritics:

What advice would you give to aspiring writers whose spouses or partners don’t support their dreams of becoming an author?
This quote’s on the front cover of Weak at the Knees: ‘We got so busy living life that we forgot to live our dreams’. Dreams are so important and we all need to follow ours before it’s too late…as the heroine Danni learns in a tragic way. So I wouldn’t ever let a spouse or partner squash those dreams of becoming an author. Do it. Give it a go…because you never know what’s around the corner.

Guest Blogging at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews:

My background is as a television reporter, so I tend to think in pictures. Whenever I write I often close my eyes to imagine the scene and literally embody my characters – living and breathing their moment. It’s the writing equivalent of Stanislavski’s ‘method-acting’ technique.  

Guest Blogging at Rainy Days and Pajamas:

The scariest thing about being an author is that people will judge me. This is no different for any creative, be it an artist, an actor, or a movie director etc. We’re all putting our work out there in the public domain, hoping that people will enjoy it, but knowing that they will all have an opinion, be it good or bad. 

Interviewed at The Book Connection:

When did you begin writing?

I began writing short stories pretty much as soon as I could put pen to paper, age five. And I’ve just never stopped. I’ve been lucky in that I was able to turn my passion for writing into a career and work as a newspaper journalist in the UK. But more recently I found myself longing to dig deeper and create a full and multi-layered storyline which would take the characters on a much longer journey than a short story will allow. That’s when the novel-writing began. My first novel Lover in Law came out almost a year ago and now I’m celebrating the release of Weak at the Knees.

Review at Bibliotica:

Weak at the Knees is a fast read, incredibly enjoyable, and far more complex than the cover blurb implies. Read it. You won’t be sorry. 

Read more at her official tour page at

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  1. Boo hoo, I'm very sad to see the end of my blog tour for Weak at the Knees, but thank you so much to all my readers for following me on this exciting journey on which I fear that I have revealed WAY too about myself! I'll be back with some more books in the very near I look forward to seeing you all soon. In the meantime, happy reading to everyone! Jo