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PUYB Virtual Book Club Q&A: Interview with Erotic Paranormal Romance Author Dawne Dominique

We welcome Dawne Dominique to PUYB Virtual Book Club!  Dawne is here to talk about her new erotic paranormal romance series, The First.  The First series included Eden's Hell, Dark Dairy, Kindred Blood, Crimson Cries and her latest, Surrender!  

More about Dawne:

A multi-published and award-nominated author of paranormal erotic romance and fantasy, Dawné Dominique’s novels instantly hook readers until that last page is read. 

Although published in the US, she’s a Canadian author through and through. The second novel of her vampire series, Dark Diary, II: The First, is set in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she resides with her family, and Gunkers, a stray cat she recently saved, and Chumbly, their newest addition to the feline household.

She embraces life with one simple rule: “Everything in life happens for a reason, be it good or bad, and it’s because of this we learn to never take anything for granted.”

Her latest books are in The First Series: Eden’s Hell, Dark Dairy, Kindred Blood and Crimson Cries.

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Welcome to the book club, Dawné!  Can you tell us how you got started writing erotica paranormal romance and fantasy?
Dawné: Would you believe it was because of a writing contest? *chuckles* The prompt was to write a chapter length story about a unique vampire. What began at about one thousand words soon evolved into five full length novels. Because my characters are vampires (and wolves), I knew there would have to be sex in it. So I joined an erotic writing forum on my writing site and learned all I could.
You're also a very talented cover artist.  How did you get started in that and do you have a link to where we can see some of your book covers?
Dawne:  *blushes*  Thank you. I became a cover artist because of the way I was treated by one of my first publishers. The experience was horrid, but because of it, I self taught myself photoshop.  The rest is history. I've been doing cover art for over ten years, and I believe that being an author gives me a better edge to the creative process because I think like one. Before I send a draft out, I ask myself one question: "Would I want this as my own cover?"
Can you tell everyone a little about your The First series?

Dawne: The First series blends biblical facts and fiction to give readers a logical explanation as to where and how the first vampires and wolves came to be.  Eden's Hell, the novel which begins the series, was nominated for an EPIC because of its uniqueness. It's definitely not your ordinary vamp series.  : )
I know this will be a little hard to do with all four, so let's go with your first book, Eden's Hell.  Can you tell us a little about the main characters?
Dawne: Eden's Hell is set in California in the late 1980's. Addison Eden is a silent producer of movies, and a recluse vampire who doesn't care in the least for humans or vampires. Eva Carr is an innocent woman who's tricked into signing the Illy'ra, a blood contract, to be Satrina Vacher's "pet" for one year, which is basically being a surrogate cow to an insatiable vampire. After that year is up, if you've served her well for those twelve months, then you've earned the right to become a vampire. If not, you're dead. However, Satrina and Addison have a torrid past. They used to be married, and there's certainly no love lost between them. Her character is someone you love to hate. She's just plain evil. And she doesn't play by the rules. They're bound by a bible called the Illuminatae, the very first bible ever written by God and Asmodeus. One of the greatest sins is to veil (turn) a human against their will. That's why there's an Illy'ra. When Addison finds Eva running for her life along a section of his beach, he does something he's never done before. He saves her. Just who Satrina and Addison really are and why they're vampires is the premise of the novel—and the series. Unfortunately, Eva stepped into the middle of a nasty divorce that's lasted for eternity.
Can you give us a good excerpt from that book?
Dawne: A foul breeze followed Addison’s steps and with it came the usual stench of lower L.A. His nightly prowls in this end of town had always proved fortuitous. More times than not, he strayed to the Garden Grove district, a haven for low-end prostitutes and addicts. The evil scourging Californian streets had more than tripled in ten short years. Whatever happened to the roads lined with swaying palm trees, beautiful clear skies and movie star mansions? Sure, some were still here, but pollution and crime continued to grow like an infectious disease, and like New York, nothing stopped it from spreading. By far, this district was his favorite hunting ground.

A street corner whore leaned in front of an entrance of a five and dime motel, trying to score her next fix. From a window upstairs, her baby’s pathetic mewling carried down the dimly lit road. To say the neighborhood was seedy was giving it credit. He walked unhindered, shrouded in a spell of shadow and drifting unaware past people. His presence was nothing more than an icy shiver down someone’s spine, invisible to all except another vamp, and those creatures stayed as far away from him as possible, if they knew what was good for them.

One could purchase anything here for a price, even blood. The pickings were more than enough to gluttonize even a vampiress like Satrina, but she preferred a higher class of tastes and wouldn’t be caught hunting in a neighborhood like this. That insufferable bitch. Blood is blood, no matter what side of the tracks it comes from.

Thoughts of his ex made his mood even fouler, and the implications of what he’d done struck home. What’s the definition of irony? he ridiculed. I have a pet.

His boots followed a weed-filled gaping crack in the sidewalk toward a less populated section of the ‘hood long since abandoned except for the usual dregs and sinners like him. The night was oddly quiet, aside from the wails of police sirens, which was a common occurrence in this part of the city.

Would Satrina be stupid enough to invoke Excaedo Pactum? His sigh bounced off the abandoned buildings emblazoned with splashes of spray painted gang tags. Who are you calling stupid, you fool? What the hell did I just do for a human? Why would I even risk such a thing? He stopped and ruefully shook his head. “Eva Carr, what have you done to me?” he muttered.

What books do you have coming up if any?
Dawne:  I'm writing that last chapter of a fantasy novel called The Tears of San'Ferath and hope to release it by summer. It's about the lands of Allanoria, with Druids (who are good) and Druid Evoluntines (who are evil). After mage'ic starts to disappear, soon all the mage'ical creatures begin dying.  When there's only one dragon left, San'Ferath, the last Druid, Setharuis Berthannia, invokes a spell on him called The Undying Sleep in the hope of  preserving whatever miniscule amount of mage'ic is left. He's foreseen that one day Allanoria will take back her gifts. Then the Blue Fever sweeps through Allanoria and begins wiping out the humans. Sadly, the prophesy of "The Cleansing" has begun. Some five hundred years later, a freelance mercenary, Cethland Mer'Morellis, and a dancer, Anea Fieblekorn, hold the key to restoring the land's mage'ic; however it's an evil Druid Evoluntine who wakes San'Ferath. 
What would you like to tell your fans and readers?
Dawne: I'd like to apologize for the wait for Surrender ~ Sins of the Father, V: The First, which is the final book to The First Series. That book has to be right, so it's taking a little longer than I anticipated.  Hang in there though.  I promise it won't disappoint. 

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