Thursday, May 29, 2014

Immortality Book Tour Highlights

It's so sad to see our authors go, but in tribute we do a recap of the highlights of their blog tour with us at Pump Up Your Book.  Today we're highlighting Kevin Bohacz and his Immortality Virtual Book Publicity Tour.  I am thrilled to say he's now a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author.  Kevin, you rock!

About the Author:
I am Kevin Bohacz the bestselling novelist of Immortality and a lucid dreamer… 

Welcome to my dreams. I am also a writer for national computer magazines, founder and president of two high technology corporations, a scientist and engineer for over 35 years, and the inventor of an advanced electric car system – the ESE Engine System (circa 1978). I was also a short order cook for I-Hop, flipped burgers at McDonalds, and delivered Chicken Delight. All of those careers and more are behind me now that I am a full time storyteller, a catcher of dreams. Thank you for reading my stories and making this all possible.

His latest books are Immortality and Ghost of the Gods.

Visit Kevin’s website at

About the Book:

Without warning, something has gone terribly awry. In the remote and unnoticed places of the world, small pockets of death begin occurring. As the initially isolated extinctions spread, the world’s eyes focus on this unimaginable horror and chaos. Out of the ecological imbalance, something new and extraordinary is evolving and surviving to fill the voids left by these extinctions. Evolution is operating in ways no one could have expected and environmental damage may be the catalyst. Once discovered, this knowledge changes everything.

Virtual Book Tour Highlights: 
Praise for Immortality:

"Is this a roaring good story that will keep you highly interested in what is going to happen next?  You betcha!  I am so looking forward to the next book in this series."

-- Vic's Media Room (Click here to read more) 

"This is a science fiction novel of a doomsday scenario that will leave you shaken. Only after having finished this book was I able to see a lot of similarities to Biblical stories which made it even more frightening if possible--and in some ways more believable. I certainly hope this NEVER happens!!"

-- Miki's Hope (click here to read more) 

"It's an "end of the world" type book with a twist and will leave you wondering about this "new type of apocalypse". I have read all kinds of ways that mankind ends but this one is definitely new. It also of course, brings out the bad side of the ones that are left and even drives one of the main characters insane to the point of forming his own army to fight against the people he thinks is responsible for this whole mess."

-- Mary's Cup of Tea (click here to read more) 

"I love a good apocalyptic story and Immortality certainly lived up to my expectations. I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Ghost of the Gods."

-- A Book Geek (click here to read more)

""Immortality" is a great read. It is seldom I read a book that makes me feel as though I've grown smarter for having read it. Before this book, Michael Crichton is one of the very few writers I have ever had that 'boy, I am smart for reading and enjoying this book" feeling. Bohacz has now been added to the list of top favorite authors. I cannot wait for the sequel.."

-- Booklover Sue (click here to read more) 

"Immortality is an intelligently written, engaging work that is well-researched. Kevin Bohacz writes in great detail about the characters and events in this book. I can’t wait to find out what happens – and am looking forward to the sequel, Ghost Of The Gods!"

-- Create With Joy (click here to read more)

Memorable Quotes:

"I’ve been writing since 1989. Immortality and Ghost of the Gods are my 3rd and 4th novels. The short answer to your question is the ideas come from my muse. The longer answer is that my novels come from daytime dreams as well as nighttime lucid dreams. When I am writing it does not feel like I am creating the material. It feels more like I am watching daydreams which come from somewhere other than me and I am merely typing as fast as I can to capture the daydream that is unfolding before my mind’s eyes. "

-- The Writer's Life (click here to read more) 

"I knew Immortality was a timely, entertaining, and marketable novel. Some extremely successful literary professionals, including more than one famous writer, had read it and told me they loved it. So here I was a published author unable to open a single door into the major publishing houses. Three years later I had reached the point where I either had to give up or publish it myself. Back in 2006 self-publishing carried the stigma of failure, but I had no choice. I knew in my gut Immortality was a fantastic story. So I started a small publishing company, hired an offset-printer, and proceeded to manufacture and sell Immortality."

-- The Book Connection (click here to read more) 

Click here to visit Kevin's official tour page.


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