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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with Peiri Ann, author of 'Burdened'

A love for reading transpired into an admiration for writing at a young age for Peiri Ann. Starting off in writing poetry and short stories she indulged in the possibilities of creating new worlds and lives to live within them opening a window of unanticipated possibilities. In high school a pin and notebook never left her grasps and in college the pin was replaced by a keyboard and the notebook replaced by a computer screen. She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and certified in business management. 

When Peiri Ann is not writing, reading, doing homework, or working in the downtown of
Chicago she enjoys spending time with her little girl, watching action flicks, and spooning peanut butter from the jar as a midnight snack. 

Her latest book is the paranormal romance/New Adult, Burdened.

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Welcome to the book club, Peiri!  Paranormal romance new adult is hot, hot, hot right now.  Did you write Burdened because you loved the genre or
did you figure out what the genre was after you wrote the book?  In other words, did you go after the genre or did the genre come looking for you?

Peiri: Hey, thank you for having me. Paranormal romance is HOT right now. And I am an avid reader of that genre and I LOVE IT. However, when constructing Burdened bringing the 'paranormal' into my romance was an accident. But it made it for a better, more interesting read. I enjoyed being able to but a twist on romance by adding in a little supernatural activity. So, the genre came looking for me and I welcomed it with open arms.

Can you tell us a little about the main characters?

Peiri: Of Course! Tracey Warren is an eighteen year old girl, best described as outgoing, confident, and determined. Her main responsibilities are to go graduate from school and go to college as your average young adult should (one would think). She loves to shop, party with friends, run her mouth, and if this guy would give into her - she'd probably love him too. Said 'guy' would describer her as sexy, annoying, a compeller, and very convincing. 

Of all the characters, what was the most fun to write and why?

Peiri: Great question. I have two, both are my bad guys. My main male character's father. I enjoyed creating him because it allowed me to play around with the swapping of personalities. One moment he's deceitful and the next he scrupulous. There is a lot of pain he caused behind the scenes and bringing his anger together with the reason he caused as many inconveniences as he did was pretty cool to establish.

My second bad guy is Roehl, I enjoyed creating him because he I had to have resemblances between him and a couple of the other characters. Figuring out his personality -disordered yet equipped - and having his actions reflect that was the best.  

If your female protagonist was granted one wish that would come true, what would that be?

Peiri: Tracey, would probably wish she never approached Roehl, initiating his desire for her and her become infiltrated by him. Causing another inconvenience after they recently fixed one.  

If your male protagonist was granted one wish that would come true, what would that be?

Peiri: Nathan, would probably wish he didn't bond with Tracey. Taking her, and causing all the negative unforeseen occurrences to burden their lives. 

There’s always a pivotal point in books that makes the reader keep reading to see what will happen next.  What’s yours?

Peiri: For Burdened, I would say it is the many unpredictable parts that make it captivating. Within every other chapter there is always something happening or something that will happen that readers will not expect. Things that happen with the characters and within the story's plot. The suspicions, assumptions, and realizations are the pivotal points. And it will keep readers reading to see what will happen next. 

Thank you so much for coming to the book club, Peiri.  What’s on the horizon for you?  More books?

Peiri: Any time, it was fun, thanks again for the opportunity. Next on the horizon for me is books, books, and more books. Burdened has a number two in it's series, coming out called Tainted-that was fun. And I'm working on another series apart from A Burdened Novel that will break through some time this fall.  

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