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PUYB Virtual Book Club: Q & A with K. Madill, Author of The Stolen Herd - Win $25 Amazon Gift Card

A chronic “head in the cloudser” K. Madill lives in a rickety house on a well treed street in British Columbia, Canada. When she’s not hanging out with her best equine friend in the woods she can be found trying to stay upright on her roller skates or mediating the affairs of her various furred and feathered friends that rule the aforementioned rickety house.

K. Madill’s website:

Thanks for joining us at the PUYB Virtual Book Club, Karai. Your book sounds fascinating. Did you plan a series when you first came up with the idea for The Stolen Herd?
Thank you for having me. And a double thank you for saying the book sounds fascinating. That’s really encouraging! 
I did plan for the book to be a series. I had a lot I wanted to put into this story and I knew it couldn’t be covered in one novel. I’m an avid planner, although somewhat scattered. The outline for Book 2 is a lot more organized. I know what I’m doing this time around and I have a way more confidence.  I’ve even begun a folder for the third installment. 
Do you read a lot of young adult novels? What are some of your favorites?
I read a lot period – always have. Eradicating the pigeonhole of YA novels,  I would have to say my favorite books were and continue to be the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (Rikki Tikki Tavi is the reason I have ferrets today!) and the Harry Potter series – mind blown…everywhere. I’ve read everything by Tolkien and Farley Mowatt. I think his (Mowatt’s) book, Owls in the Family, set me on my path to writing about animals.  We do it in very different ways but the message is still the same. The Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend are hilarious and Fannie Flagg’s writing is so touching, warm and funny. To Kill a Mockingbird is a definite must read and I visit Maycomb at least once a year to get my Atticus Finch fix. H.P. Lovecraft, Anne Rice, Douglas Adams are a few more authors whose work I’ll re-read.  I love books that show different cultures such as the Ladies’ Detective series by Alexander McCall and Amy Tan’s work.  I think the story that started my love affair with the written word was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I have been known to don a wolf suit of my own every now and then!
Have any of the books you’ve read in the young adult genre influenced your writing?
Oh absolutely. All of the ones I mentioned above certainly have.  Where the Wild Things Are taught me that the plot of a story can be outlandish and still be fantastic. That a forest can grow in your room and not only will folks accept it – they’ll love it for years to come.  Rudyard Kipling showed me that animal characters can be just as deep and complex as human ones.
You grew up in a large farmhouse that was supposedly haunted. What was that like?
Creepy – especially when you had to venture down the long, dark hallway in the dead of night to use the bathroom!  Our house was in a hamlet on eight acres of land over 20 kilometres from the nearest town. The starry night sky was infinite. I was surrounded by animals and forest.  It was a nice way to grow up.  

You enjoy playing the guitar and drums. Do those skills help with your writing or influence your writing in any way?
Absolutely.  Luco is a musician by trade and I grew up very musically inclined, even fronting a rock band with a few guys that were quite a bit older than me.  When I moved across country to pursue a career as a drummer/ singer, I realized that late Saturday night jams with my musician roommates where one thing, but performing in front of an audience was another.  I suffer terrible performance anxiety, in everything I do.  I even made my driving instructor shriek in terror while taking my test - I messed up from being so nervous.  I finally managed to shift my love of creating music to writing, which wasn’t much of a stretch. I have a stash of songs written by “Luco” even.  
What is one book you wish you had written?
I struggled with this question, but then I realized...there isn’t one. They wouldn’t be the books that I adored, loved or cried over if I had written them.  They’d be different. Does that make sense?
If money were no object, how would you promote The Stolen Herd?
I would build the Silver Kingdom. It would have to be on Vancouver Island.   There, near one of the pristine beaches, I would construct the Elphinstone Mountains, the Light Sands and the rest of the natural features in the story. Could you imagine how many truckloads of dirt it would take to make a mini desert?   I would hire Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello to be my Luco and fill the place with all of my animal characters and fabrications of the mythical and made up ones.   Then, people could visit this place and get their copy of the Stolen Herd and, eventually, the rest of the series.  
 What is one thing you want our readers to know about your book?

That I really appreciate their taking the time to read it. It means everything to me. A writer is someone who pens a story, but an author is someone whose work is read and loved.

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