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PUYB Chats with Lee Papa, author of 'The Temple of All Knowing'

Lee Papa’s start in the corporate world was in sales for the Hyatt Regency Hotel chain, which led to being head hunted by a NY based real estate developer. Lee spent the next 11 years as a key employee working in commercial real estate leasing and management in Baltimore, Maryland. Although, commercial real estate was now in her blood and she loved the art of the deal, a different road in the industry was presenting itself and that brought her to heading up the benchmarking division for a Los Angeles based real estate consulting firm. Her job had her traveling nationally and setting up programs to benchmark customer satisfaction. Understanding there was not a one shoe fits all approach to customer surveying, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and started with consulting to serve the customized needs of her clients.

Lee’s first book, The Temple of All Knowing, is a memoir of her several years journey prior to her near death experience, through the completion of the 6,000 square foot Ganesha Center in Las Vegas. The book details the roadmap from personal darkness through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. 

Since the completion of the manuscript the Las Vegas Sanctuary for the Spirit evolved by moving to a downtown Las Vegas location and now offers targeted classes and workshops while focusing on a Virtual Ganesha Center supporting individuals and corporations with programs and a Referral Network with expansive reach for optimal awareness. 

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About the Book:

The Temple of All Knowing is a memoir of one woman’s passage from personal and professional turmoil to spiritual awakening. A compelling straight forward and sometimes humorous account of the most personal of journeys as this 40-something woman finds herself in Sin City with promise of a new life, new husband and elderly mother living with her. She instead is uncovered as a central character in the deepest of possible challenges only to break through to discover her authentic spiritual self through a near death experience and a personal mission in Soul CityLas Vegas.

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Thanks for joining us at the club today, Lee!  Can we begin by having you tell us how you got the inspiration to write your book, The Temple Of All Knowing?
Lee:  Firstly, Thank you for having me on your Blog.  To answer your question, I would have to say, life is the greatest inspiration of all.  Life experience is what prompted me to write the book
This is a memoir of your several years journey prior to your near death experience.  Can you tell us what happened to cause you to die briefly and what did you see and feel?
Lee: I was not in the hospital with any terrible disease nor was I in some horrific car accident but rather I had been ill at home and the antibiotics weren't working. I felt my spirit slip away from my body and then I was greeted by Light Beings who convinced me to go back.  I did not want to return as where I was headed was extraordinary and was home.
How would you describe “spiritual awakening”?
Lee:  The understanding and knowledge that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience here on earth and there is no death. The awareness of the true essence of who you are as a spiritual being and a powerful creator.  There are so many layers to spiritual awakening but let me say, if you are awake, you know it and if you are asleep, you don't.
You say there is no “death.” Only “life and life.”  Is this contrary to what you believed growing up?
Lee:  Well, I was born and raised Catholic and so I believed in an afterlife (Heaven or Hell) but it was a superficial understanding.  Now, I have a deeper understadning that our souls are limitless and do not die.  We "transition" and return when there is something more we will to learn to elevate our consciousness and vibration until such time that we have understood completely and we no longer return.  This is Ascension.  We are still "alive" but no longer require the return to the lower frequency of third dimension.

What do you hope people will come away with after reading your book?
Lee: Hope, Inspiration, Understanding.  There is something for everyone in this book and it resonates with so many people in different demographics.  What is the thread that connects people to the book is that everyone has gone through some sort of challenge in their lives.  This book expresses authentically my story of where I was in my journey before the near death experience and the wisdom and knowledge I gained during and after it that will help humanity deal with life in a more conscious way.
What’s next for you, Lee?
Lee:  I am launching a series of transformational audio programs by year end,  Simultaneously, I am doing keynotes, workshops and trainings in businesses as well as launching a Google Hangouts On Air show called Life Inspired by Spirit and Perspective on Fridays, at 1 pm pacific time starting January 9th.  Although there are always things that are cooking and that we look forward to, the journey is the reward.  

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