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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with Eve Picquette, author of 'Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships'

Eve Picquette has been looking for love, joy and fun all her life. Along the way she has had lots of experiences - some with more fun than others! A licensed attorney, she served as director of risk and quality management at hospital corporations in California and Arizona for thirty years. She is also a certified NLP life coach, matrix, EFT and Angel Therapy practitioner. Eve Picquette received her MSN in community mental health at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, and her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis.

Author of Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys -What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries and companion Mini Meditation MP3's, she lives in Arizona, and her present happy work is teaching and advising clients regarding having more love and joy in personal and business relationships.
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About the Book:

How many times have you read or seen something that made you want to change your life and relationships – but you didn’t know how? Introduced by two angels, Hope and Impatience, Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys - What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries answers the “how” question. Eve Picquette shows readers how to:

·        Open their hearts to love
·        Shift their lives, using 10 keys—how-to-do-it ideas created with the help of angels of inspiration—to change in real and satisfying ways.

In this lighthearted, uplifting, and beautifully illustrated gift book, each chapter opens with images of the author’s angels and quotes she believes were angel-inspired sometime in history. Readers may also download companion MP3 Mini Meditations available on They are “Dared to Shift” their thoughts and behaviors and these shifts will improve lives and relationships: • Shift 1: Always Connect to Love • Shift 2: Just Stop It, Really • Shift 3: It’s All About You • Shift 4: It’s Not About You • Shift 5: Give Up on the Past • Shift 6: Expect the Best Future • Shift 7: Appreciate Everything Now • Shift 8: Re-Choose Your Relationships • Shift 9: Handle Conflict with Grace • Shift 10: Love So it Can be Felt.

If you are ready to try these simple shifts, the results will amaze you. Every encouraging and comforting word in this beautifully illustrated self-help book will lead you to the path of peace, happiness, and fulfillment. A treasure to own, it would also serve as a thoughtful, caring, and loving gift.

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  • Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys – What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries is available at Amazon.
  • Watch the book trailer at YouTube.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

Welcome to the book club, Eve!  Can we begin by having you tell us why you wrote your book?

Eve:  I spent a lot of my life trying to be happy by following rules set by others. None of them seemed to work.  I believe that angels have inspired the simple ideas that do work for us, down through the ages.  The book contains some of those ideas that work.  I wanted to live the Prayer of St. Francis – “…let me sow love… where there is darkness, light….” I wanted to feel happy and have happy relationships – but I was not.  As an attorney, I always feel like there is an answer. These are the 10 practical Shift Keys that opened my heart and made a real difference in my life and relationships.  I didn't start out writing a book.  It began as some quick relationship tip sheets that I planned to give away on my website.  Once I had the pictures of the angels of inspiration painted, the book developed from that.

 Can you give us one tip on how to open up our hearts for love?

Eve: We have good intentions, but we have witnessed many years of poor programming from our families - who also wanted to live happy lives, but mostly didn't know how.  So the biggest tip I can give is - pause.  Ask yourself if what you are going to do or what you are going to say will bring you closer to those you love. (Often we are trying to justify ourselves, control someone else or insist on being right.)  Just stop in your tracks and ask to be filled with unconditional love and to see your situation through the angels' eyes.  

Take a couple of deep breaths, as if you are being filled with love and light (you are).  

Over time, just this pause can change your life.

Tell us about the angels who helped you write this book?  

Eve:  They are who I visualize as the angels of inspiration down through the ages.  I use portraits of them to illustrate the book - but of course angels can look however they choose.  They are not my personal angels - but angels (Hope and Impatience) whom I feel inspire the good and true and respond to those who want to open their hearts and express more love in their lives.

Why do you think people just can’t find happiness within themselves?

Eve:  I think we can, if we ask to be filled with unconditional love and light.  I spent many years trying to fix myself, doing what I thought other people wanted.  I also expected others to change to please me.  This external focus - expecting others to love us or please us or appreciate us - is what keeps most of us unhappy.

Do you believe we can will ourselves to be happy?

Eve: No, but I think our will is a big part of choosing, in each moment what we think about, and what actions we take.  I think our will and intent is very important, but we need help, because of our years of bad training.   That is where asking to be filled with love, being still and asking to be shown our situations with eyes of love can make all the difference.  

You give away free angel readings and gifts at your website.  Would you like to tell us more about that?

Eve:  The angel messages - which you can sign up for - are all an automated program of hundreds of encouraging messages on many topics.  The individual message for you comes in response to your question.  Though they are all positive messages, (like Angel Cards) they seem to come in direct response to your question.  I also have some free mini meditations and other gifts available from time to time.

What’s next for you, Eve?

Eve:I am working on a new book about the "dark night of the soul" (which many of us have or are experiencing) and how to get out of such a challenging experience, whole and still with an open loving heart.

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