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You're Not From Around Here, Are You? by Helga Stipa Madland

Title: You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? Reminiscences
Author: Helga Stipa Madland
Aventine Press
Pages: 202
Genre: Memoir
Format: Paperback/Kindle

I start with when I was born, then there was a World War, and then I went to Norman.—Klodnitz, in Upper Silesia, now a part of Poland, was my birth place; when everything collapsed in 1945 at the end of WWII, my family and I became refugees. We trekked across Germany, to the west, and eventually settled in a small village and then another one. Next was Canada, then the United States, Missouri; eventually we settled in Idaho, where my Father, who was a forester, found a job. I did not stop there! I was married and continued my merry journey, California, back to three different cities in Idaho, and later Seattle, where I earned a PhD. My children were grown by then, I was alone and ready to find a position. That’s when I ended up at the University of Oklahoma in 1981, and have been here ever since.

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Book Excerpt:

Not long ago I returned from a summer of research in the German Literary Archive in Marbach near Stuttgart, Germany.  Marbach is the birth place of the eighteenth-century writer Friedrich Schiller, author of the “Ode to Joy” and many other famous works, and is also the location of the Schiller Museum.  The museum and the library are visited by many Germanists, teachers and scholars of German language and literature.

After I took the shuttle from Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City to Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, I settled back into my house and realized I needed an item that required running to a department store.  When I stood at the cash register with one or two other customers and started speaking with the cashier, one of the women standing in line with me said: “You are not from around here, are you?”  “No,” I answered.  It was a question I had heard many times.  In fact, I had just heard it in Germany when I boarded my plane at the Frankfurt airport; in German, of course.

My role in life seems to be a fluent, but accented speaker of two languages—English and German.  German I learned at my mother’s knee, as the saying goes, and English I learned when we emigrated first to Canada in December 1952 and then to the United States in September 1954.  I turned fourteen in January of 1953.

This is going to be my memoir.  Friends have startled me by saying “I can’t wait until your memoir comes out.”  I had never considered writing one, it seemed to me something for someone like Goethe, Dichtung und Wahrheit (Poetry and Truth), or people who write smashing memoirs that turn out to be stunning successes and end up being false.  But then, how can one remember everything exactly?  I am scared to death about telling an untruth, but somehow I think I am bound to if I proceed with this project. 

And proceed I shall because I have nothing else to do—except laundry, shopping, cooking, watering plants, feeding cats, dogs and birds, keeping up with family and friends on the internet, paying bills, making travel arrangements,  that’s about it.  Richard keeps the kitchen clean.  And expresses a great deal of sympathy when I complain, which I do a lot.

Wintergarden by T.M. Wallace #children #fantasy

Title: Wintergarden
Author: T.M. Wallace
Publisher: Brownridge Publishing
Pages: 220
Genre: YA/Children’s Fantasy
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Addyson Marten must travel a magical labyrinth to its center in order to reach her friend Connor and free him from the witch of the Median Realms. Both Connor and Addy must learn to use their own magical abilities to fight the growing evil in the Human and Fairy worlds.

Wintergarden is the sequel to the Award-Winning book “Under a Fairy Moon,” (Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards—Fantasy, 2012, Canadian Christian Writing Awards—Young Adult, 2012.)

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Book Excerpt:

Connor clenched his jaw shut until it ached—like the bat- tered heart inside of him. He should have known it was too good to be true. He should have known that they—the fair-folk—would never let him go. He winced as a voice screeched loudly, with a noise like metal scraping against metal: “Where is the girl?”

From his hiding place among the trees, Connor saw the long, bony fngers of the witch grip the shoulders of a smaller fgure in a black cloak. The hood of the cloak slid down revealing the unmistakable lizard-like features of Dubhan: servant of the Elf King.

“She has left the Median Realms, my Queen. Adalira has released her.”

Dubhan's lizard-tongue ficked out suddenly, and his eyes narrowed to slits. He looked over to where Connor sat crouched in the thick of the forest. Connor held his breath. Would the lizard-man sense his presence? His heart drummed loudly in his ears. Dubhan's eyes seemed to look right through Connor for a moment, then turned away.

The too-red lips of Uthrace contorted impossibly, wavering and fickering like a fame. A cry of an eagle sounded just as the witch-queen threw her head back and screamed an ear-shattering cry born of anger and hatred.

Dubhan hissed. “All is not lost, my Queen. The magic worked on the boy—he is here. Shall I fetch him for you?” The Queen released the lizard-man from her grasp: A cruel smile spread across her face.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Connor gave way. He found himself falling into an entirely different place - a narrow space with stone walls. He looked up to find the source of light and saw a sky full of creeping vines. Hairy roots had managed to crowd their way through the stone, partially obscuring the rough grey rock. The place reeked like the earthy dampness of a cellar.

Something large was moving in the tangled mass of leaves and tendrils directly above him: a large black spider, likely one of the witch-queen's pets, was waiting up among the vines to snatch a pixie with butterfly wings. Connor watched in horror as the bulbous form pounced on the unsuspecting fairy creature, sending a rain of leaves and dirt spinning down over Connor's head. He continued to watch through his fngers, frozen with horror.

He cried out: A gloved hand rested firmly on his shoulder. Wheeling around, he looked up into a familiar face. It was the Elf King himself, his dark brows raised in an expression of scornful amusement.

“You thought you could escape? Foolish boy ... Don't you know we have great plans for you?” He grinned and shoved him toward a group of squat, potato-skinned gnomes. “Take him to the caves—be sure to keep him this side of the Labyrinth.” The largest of the gnomes bowed and led Connor roughly through the tunnels of earth and stone.

Connor offered no resistance. He moved along mechanically, kicking the occasional rock or clod of dirt out of his way. He did not lift his head. He didn't bother to wipe his dirt-smeared glasses. He tried not to think ... tried not to notice the dull ache in his heart. 

Connor stared down at his hands in disbelief: only moments ago he was standing with Addy, his one true friend in this twisted world—and his only chance at going home. Now, he was back where he started—a prisoner of the Median Realms.

It was not that he really missed his past life in the Human World—he couldn't remember much about it now—but he knew that his one hope of reclaiming his past had been snatched away. Some dark magic had ripped him away from Addy's side just when they were about to finally escape this place.
The last thing he remembered was whizzing through the fairy-path with Addy in a blur of light and colour ... and just within sight of the stone statues of the Garden in the human world. They had joined hands, so they could be sure they would not be separated. He remembered Addy's long dark hair streaming behind her in the wind, her green eyes dancing. He remembered the lightness in his heart ... how happy he had been! How foolish! In the end it hadn't mat- tered ... . He had been ripped away from her by some dark magic.

One tiny fame of hope still fickered inside of him: At least Addy was safe—and if Addy found the sun-dial, maybe she could fnd her way back to him. Even if no one else could, Addy could fnd a way ...

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Suburban Enterprise by J.P. London #Thriller #Suspense

Title: Suburban Enterprise
Author: J.P. London
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 138
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Format: Paperback/Kindle

If You Like Breaking Bad or the Stieg Larsson Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Books, You Will Love J.P. London’s Suburban Enterprise.

Brian has it all as a championship high school athlete in the suburbs, until a devastating injury turns his life upside down in an instant. With his athletic career ruined, and all hopes for a college education gone with it, Brian loses all hope of ever getting out of town and out of poverty. This town is where you either have money or you want money. Brian figures he will just continue being one of those that wants money. But, he wants it bad. Then along comes a spider in the form of an old coach, who gives Brian a chance to turn everything around, if he’s willing to pay the price. He shows Brian how he can take the money he wants. Brian must choose on which side of the law he wants to operate. His life depends on it. When everything starts to spiral out of control, Brian learns he can either lie down and die or come out fighting.

Does he have what it takes to survive?

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Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup by Elisabeth Amaral #memoir

Title: Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup
Author: Elisabeth Amaral
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 324
Genre: Memoir
Format: Paperback/Kindle
The mid-1960s through the mid-1970s was a heady, turbulent time. There was a lot going on back then, and author Elisabeth Amaral was in the middle of it all: the fights for women’s rights, racial equality, a music revolution, be-ins, love-ins, riots in the streets, the rage against the Vietnam War, and sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It was an amazing time to be young.
In Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup, Amaral shares her recollections of those times. She and her husband gave up their jobs in New York City, relocated to Boston with their infant son because of mime, unexpectedly started a children’s boutique, and opened a popular restaurant in Harvard Square. Most of all it is a coming-of-age story about herself and her husband as they embarked on an improbable and moving journey of self-discovery.
With sincerity and humor, Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup offers a personal and revealing account that reaches out to those who find themselves striving to make a relationship work that, by its very nature, may be doomed. But this story is also one of friendship—and of finding the courage to move on.

"A truly wonderful memoir that reads like great fiction.  The characters come alive on the page."  – Elizabeth Brundage, author of The Doctor's Wife and A Stranger Like You.

“The story of how Liz Amaral and her husband became successful at the epicenter of counterculture businesses near Harvard Square / Cambridge from 1967-1975 with their boutique and restaurant is told with humor and insight. Swirling around them are all of the entrapments of the era, the drugs and free love and betrayal, as well as the politics that defined the times.
With a fierce dedication to her son and husband, Liz Amaral triumphs in this stunning memoir where she discovers that, while love isn’t always what we think it is, it remains, in all its multi-faceted transformations, the driving force of who we are and how we live our lives.”  – P.B. O’Sullivan, writer and mathematician

“In her intimate and humorous memoir, Liz Amaral reveals the challenges of a young family establishing a home in Cambridge amid the tumult of the late 1960s. You will discover the disconcerting truth about her marriage and the painful path she takes to find herself again. A true adventure of the heart.” – Kathrin Seitz, writer, producer, and coach

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Book Excerpt:

We shared everything, even our friends. But wait. What about those friends of his? Kind, gentlemen. Always womanless. Don’t even start to go there. Just don’t. It was easier to be in the immediate present, a member of our generation who shared the sentiments of the era, the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll era. The civil-rights and women’s- rights and anti-war and race-riot era. It was a thrilling time for youth. Along with our frustrations and fury at the government, we also shared an enormous sense of freedom and adventure, of this being our time. And if it was our time, that made it my time. My time to grab an afternoon lover, come home to nights of gentle affection, hug our kid, make supper, smoke some pot, and live happily. With luck, that might include ever after. Piece of cake, and it was no one’s fault.
Thoughts whizzed by. I grabbed onto some, because I knew I would need reminders.
This is my life, not a bad one at all. A very good one, in fact.
That was one thought. Here’s another: Look at me. Look at me! A sensual, sexual, twenty-something woman. A Scorpio. Married happily much of the time, except nighttime, the right time.

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Tagan's Child by Amelia Ford #romantic #suspense

Title: Tagan’s Child
Author: Amelia Ford
Publisher: Carroll Publishing
Pages: 444
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: Paperback/Kindle

“His terminology struck me as odd and then I realised he was talking about Toby. I snatched my hand from his and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up like the hackles on a dog. The unease I felt when I first saw him returned…” 

The day after the first anniversary of her sister’s death, twenty six year old Sophie McAllister is paid an unexpected visit from a handsome stranger who delivers some disturbing news about her eight year old nephew and ward. Just when Sophie thought her life was getting back on track, she is forced to put her trust in a man with an extraordinary secret. She begins a perilous journey that not only threatens everything she holds dear, but also challenges her innermost fears. Does Sophie have the courage to defy her enemies, face her fears and open her heart to a man who promises a future that is out of this world? 

A captivating love story about one woman’s struggle to protect, let go and love. 

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Book Excerpt:

“Goodnight lovely boy.”  I stroked the side of my eight year old nephew’s pale face, noticing the purplish smudges under his eyes caused by a day of crying.  I tucked his duvet in around his shoulders. “Your mummy would be so proud of you.  I’m so proud of you, it’s been a difficult day and you’ve coped with it so well.”

“I miss her auntie Sophie.”  His voice wobbled and I watched a tear roll down each cheek.  My heart went out to him.  There had been times today when my grief had threatened to engulf me, and yet in spite of his tears and his own grief he had tried to be my pillar of strength. 

“Come here.” I gathered him in my arms and he began to sob quietly into my shoulder.

It was the first anniversary of Katie’s death.  A year ago today her life had been snuffed out on a lane just outside our village when her car had skidded on a patch of ice causing her to lose control and nose-dive into a ditch.  She suffered fatal head injuries.  It was the tragic end of a young woman’s life, the end of a doting mother and the end of my very special sister.

“I know you miss her, my darling, I miss her too.”  My throat constricted.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath willing my tears to stay put.  The pain my sister’s death had caused could only be matched by the pain I felt for my nephew’s loss.  No child should ever have to suffer the death of their mother.

Toby took a shuddering breath. “Do you think she can see us?” He wiped his eyes.

“I’m sure she can.”  I gave him a reassuring squeeze.  I sat back and put my hands on his shoulders. “Your mummy is with you every second of every day, watching over you, watching you grow into a clever, funny, and wonderful young man.”

He gave me a weak smile. 

“She loves you and is counting on you to hold your head up high and be brave.”

He sat up a little straighter and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his pyjamas. “I mustn’t let her down must I?”

His look of fragile determination swelled my heart. “You could never let her down.”

He was a handsome little boy, tall and muscular for an eight year old with a natural talent for sport and a distinct phobia of hairdressers.

I brushed a curl away from his right eye.  I felt a desperate urge to reassure him and let him know he wasn’t alone.  “I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you.  I may not be your mummy but I will always look after you and keep you safe as if I were.”

Toby nodded and his bottom lip trembled.

I wasn’t sure I could hold it together for much longer.  I got to my feet.  “It’s getting late and you’ve got school tomorrow.”

I said this maybe a little too brusquely as I struggled to hold back the tears.  I needed to go downstairs and bury myself in the sofa so Toby couldn’t hear my sobs.  But not before I had made a significant dent in the bottle of rosé chilling in the fridge.

I stood up and switched the lamp off beside his bed. 

“I love you Auntie Sophie.” 

“I love you too,” I said, swallowing back the lump in my throat.  I bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  “Sleep tight and see you in the morning.”

I made my way down to the kitchen taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly in the hope that it would ease the pain lodged in my chest.  It had been a tough day and I felt sad and wrung out.  I knew that Toby would be asleep in a matter of minutes.  I, on the other hand, would struggle to find any respite in sleep until the early hours of tomorrow morning.  Insomnia had become my new best friend since Katie’s death.  Why was it that, as an adult, I had lost that ability to switch off? I envied that about children.

I let Toby’s dog, a Weimaraner called Mungo, out for a last wee before retrieving the bottle of wine from the fridge.  All I wanted to do now was curl up on the sofa and cry until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I made my way into the lounge and poured myself a glass of wine.  I downed it and stared into the fire roaring in the log burner.  My tears began to fall.  I put my glass on the coffee table and buried my face in the cushions.  I sobbed for my sister and the future she would never have, for Toby who would never feel his mother’s comforting arms around him again, and for myself, who felt the loss of Katie so keenly that it had been a constant weight tugging at my heart over the last twelve months. 

Eventually, my tears subsided and my grief was reduced to dry, chest heaving sobs.  Despite feeling exhausted, I knew if I went to bed now I would only lie there, staring at the ceiling in the dark.  I scoured the sitting room for my Kindle.  The days I could cope with, I could keep busy and push the shadows of grief to the background, but it was the nights I struggled with most when the house was quiet and dark.  Darkness only seemed to emphasise my sadness and fear.

Believers: Truth in Deception by Tamara D. Taylor #YA

Title: Believers: Truth in Deception
Author: Tamara D. Taylor
Publisher: Tamara D. Taylor
Pages: 330
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Mary lives in a world of the future where an anti aging drug has torn society apart, creating an insurmountable divide between the wealthy and the poor. Her life is thrown sideways after she receives an unsolicited promotion at work, which leaves her as assistant to one of the most notorious playboys of the wealthy elite.

Mary struggles to find solid footing in a world that drastically conflicts with her humble upbringing. Her moral compass is tested as she finds herself falling in love with a man she knows she should not trust, compromising her relationship with her childhood sweetheart.

After her life is threatened, she fears for her safety and that of her family. Will she be able to guard her own secrets to prevent even further danger? Will death be the consequence of falling in love with the wrong man?

“This is a great book. It contains a world that is dark and focused on the comforts of the select elite and a world of hope and love for those less fortunate... all coupled with action and anticipation. Great combinations in my opinion! I can't wait to read the next book!”
-- California Mom

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Book Excerpt:

What would you do if you knew you could live forever? How would you change your life? The world? Would you be the one to make it better? I thought the cure for aging would be the answer to so many of humanity’s problems. I really believed this little pill would help us make the world a better place. 

Yet all I have seen is the further deterioration of generosity, love, compassion and freedom. It has not brought out the better side of the human race. It has created a darker side where compassion and generosity are rare traits that are almost extinct. It has taken me over 400 years to realize that the end of aging does not give one freedom. Your body becomes a prison in which you are trapped and from which you can’t escape.

It saddens me that the world has entered such a dark time, to the point where I no longer want to stay and witness the pain that we, as people, are putting ourselves through. 

To many, this will come as a shock. My success has only forced me to put up a wall, one that keeps away even those who feel they are my closest friends. I do not trust anyone. The friends I have left only appear to be interested in their association with me to advance their own political aspirations in life. 

I feel that if I can’t offer the peace that eternal life brings to all, then none of us should have it. It is not fair of us to choose a select few to live far past an age that God has intended. 

I have watched too many good people come in and out of this world, knowing that, “in the end,” I could have saved them. However, like many other people, I had started believing that I deserved this gift, that it was my right, and that if a person was not smart enough or rich enough to buy this gift, then they did not deserve to obtain it.

Looking back on my life, I can see that I am the origin of all the world’s troubles. As intelligent as I was to invent this amazing drug, I can’t begin to imagine that I am brilliant enough to change the course of our planet.
My heart is broken, my soul damaged and weak. My resilience is nothing but a shadow left. I cry, for humanity, mother earth and the faith that we have lost in God. So the only thing left I can offer is the end. Tonight will be my last. I have settled my regrets, sins and all other misgivings with God and look forward to joining all of those I have cared for over my 400 years on this planet.

He slowly raises the gun and puts it into his mouth. With a quick fluid motion, the trigger is pulled.

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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with 'The Art & Science of Healing' Dr. Mark J. Rogers

Dr. Mark Rogers has been a general practitioner for thirty years and developed his expertise in soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, and laser over the last twenty. A former migraine and back patient himself, he saw the need for a book specifically for patients and how to heal their pain. He has presented papers on his methods all over the world and lectures to post graduate Masters students. Three times nominated for Australian of the Year he lives in Adelaide, Australia, is married and has five children.

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About the Book:

Title: The Art & Science of Healing – with Light
Author: Dr. Mark J. Rogers with Nike Azoros
Publisher: Dr. Mark J. Rogers with Nike Azoros
Pages: 442
Genre: Medical
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Chronic pain has reached epidemic proportions but it is not a disease. Chronic pain is a genuine physical problem and its epidemic is being spread by the very treatments the doctors are prescribing. Over thirty percent of patients across the world present with back, neck, or head pain, the majority of whom are in chronic pain, but all doctors offer is a prescription for painkillers and a referral for intensive physical therapy. The patients never improve, in fact they get worse. Instead of receiving empathy and understanding they are often accused of being dishonest about the severity of their pain. Some are even sent for psychotherapy. 'The Art and Science of Healing - with Light' breaks that vicious cycle. Within it is explained to patients how they developed chronic pain in the first place and how to begin to heal their migraines, back pain, neck pain, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and all forms of chronic pain in general.

Doctor Mark Rogers bases the healing process on his 7 Principles of Healing Chronic Pain. His methods are all based in science, are common sense, pain free, drug free, have no painful exercises, and no 'mind over matter' meditations for coping because the problem is not in the mind of the patients, it is in their bodies at a deep cellular level. The 7 Principles have a conservative efficacy of eighty-five percent. As long as the Principles are followed the patient will heal. It is the medical system that is keeping patients in pain through ignoring the origin of the pain. Pain is not a mystery, it is not a disease, it means you are being hurt. Chronic pain means you are still being hurt. Written in a clear easy to read style with minimal medical jargon it is designed for patients to finally give them understand what happened to them and gain control over their healing processes so they can start healing today.

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Thanks for stopping off at the book club, Dr. Rogers.  Can we begin by having you tell us what was happening when you got the brainstorm to write this book?
Dr. Rogers: Once I realised I discovered something profound about how the human body heals itself, and how light accelerates the process, I realised this knowledge had to be made known. I was helping my patients within my general practice but everybody needs this knowledge so I decided the best way to reach more people was through a book.
I love the concept of healing by way of natural methods and not drugs and I’m particularly interested in getting rid of migraines the natural way.  Can you elaborate more on that in particular to migraine healing?
Dr. Rogers: Migraines are not a disease. They are a symptom of a long standing soft tissue injury which has never been enabled to heal. But let me clarify, I am a general practitioner, not a naturopath. I fear that when patients hear the word ‘natural’ they sometimes believe it to be a soft approach.
My method is the scientific application of the natural laws of physics. We do not cure migraines, instead we cure the underlying cause that triggers them, and the migraines cease to occur.
Drugs have their place in helping patients cope in the short term but they never cure anything, they only ever mask the symptoms so the damage is not being healed, instead it is being made even worse.
In your book, The Art & Science of Healing – with Light, you explain that it’s important for people to find out how they developed chronic pain in the first place.  Why is that important?
Dr. Rogers: In the vast majority of cases chronic pain is only ever a symptom of chronic inflammation from a long standing injury. What is important is to diagnose precisely the underlying cause of the chronic inflammation brought about by soft tissue injuries, even a microscopic tear within the tissue causes inflammation. Within the book I explain how, together with the patient, we locate the site of the original injury, which we then treat and cure. It is my experience that microscopic soft tissue injuries even decades old can be completely cured by laser light therapy.
You are quoted as saying “Most doctors still can’t fix a bad back or tell you the real reason you get migraines or that permanent ringing in your ears.”  I hear you on this because I myself have been to the doctor for back pain and there’s not really anything they can prescribe. It’s like they have no way of knowing what to give me for it.  My daughter goes through the same way with migraines and it’s frustrating that the medical people can’t help or don’t know what the solution is.  My opinion is that they’ll prescribe anything in the hopes that it helps not really knowing if it’s going to help or not.  My question to you (and I know this is a loaded questions) on that is what would you suggest to do for back pain and migraines if doctors can’t help?  It’s frustrating.
Dr. Rogers: In my book the ‘The Art and Science of Healing – with Light’ I outline my 7 Principles of healing. Principle 1 is You Are Injured. I can understand why patients have trouble grasping this when their own doctors don’t. Most, however, react positively and I often hear things like, ‘I knew it all along. I have never been the same since that fall.’ The patients finally feel in control and learn to trust their instincts again.
When it comes to chronic pain doctors’ brains shut down. They do not think beyond the standard of prescribing drugs or physiotherapy yet we know they don’t work, the patients knows too so they are stuck in this sinister cycle of drugs and physical therapy, but have absolutely no improvement. That is because the underlying cause, an injury, is never located let alone healed. The physiotherapy further harms the injury, and the drugs mask the pain so the patients do more, only to keep re-injuring themselves. The vicious cycle continues.
Treating and caring for an injury is defined as first aid – doctors and physios or even some nurses do not get involved in first aid, they consider it someone else’s job while they tend to the serious stuff. It is not even considered medicine by many so the essential art of self-preservation is never taught to patients and is ignored by medicine, yet this is where chronic pain develops. Within The Art and Science of Healing – with Light  it is all explained but it essential to grasp that what started it all was an injury that was never allowed to heal through the natural healing processes of the body.
You were once a chronic pain sufferer yourself.  Can you tell us your own personal story on that?
Dr. Rogers: I had been suffering migraines since I was 8 years old, and most of my life I also suffered terrible back and neck pain. It was not easy managing my own chronic pain while trying to see patients. Often I would need to take quick naps on my own examination table just to get through the day. When patients came to me with their own chronic pain issues I could only commiserate and offer them the same useless drugs and therapies I too was taking. Once I discovered the Principles of Healing and the Light therapy, and traced my original injury to a childhood fall, I healed myself. As soon as I shared it with my patients they too healed. Now I consider it my life’s work to have the Principles of Healing as common knowledge, and frankly, if they are followed properly chronic pain will virtually disappear.
Finally, can you give us some case examples of people who have followed the advice in your book and found relief from their chronic pain?
Dr. Rogers: A friend of mine is a vet who suffered neck pain most of his adult life. He read the book and finally understood why he was in pain. One of the principles is correct posture. He found that merely by standing better most of his pain went away. Another reader had migraines for twenty years. She followed all the principles to the letter, including the information within the migraine section, and she hasn’t had a migraine since.  The Principles work, it is pure science.
I thank you for answering our questions, Dr. Rogers, and I hope you have continued success with your book (btw, everyone grab a copy!) and also thank you for helping so many people find relief after nothing else worked.  Good luck to you!
Dr. Rogers: This is empowering and enlightening knowledge that will improve lives, I am only too happy to share it, and thank you so much for the opportunity to do so.

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Escape Through the Wilderness by Gary Rodriguez #teens #children

Title: Escape Through the Wilderness
Author: Gary Rodriguez
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pages: 254
Genre: Teens/Children
Format: Paperback/Kindle 

Sixteen-year-old Savannah Evans walks with a slight limp thanks to a gymnastics’ accident that dashed her Olympic dreams, but didn’t stop her from attending an adventure camp in Idaho. At Camp Arrowhead, she quickly befriends Jade Chang and Rico Cruz, but Conner Swift taunts Savi because of her injury.

When the four are teamed together for an overnight white-water river rafting adventure, Savi refuses to get in the same raft with Conner. Unfortunately, the director will not reassign her.

A fun expedition down the river turns into a nightmare when their raft slams into a huge rock and their adult guide disappears down the river.

Without their guide and desperately trying to steer an out-of-control raft, they pass the “last chance” marker and enter the larger rapids. With Jade pinned between the raft and a rock, and Rico clinging to a lifeline, Savi must cut the raft free.

When the four drag themselves out of the river, they’re bruised, beaten, lost, and twenty-five miles from camp. Because of late-night campfire tales of Vexel, a vicious animal that roams the nearby woods, Savi and the others are terrified.

Savi becomes the unlikely leader who tries to guide the group back to Camp Arrowhead. Limited supplies, injuries, and the constant threat of Vexel—who Savi fears is stalking them, complicate the harrowing return trip.

Readers will enjoy dramatic survival scenes and the group working together, solving problems, and learning to overcome adversity.

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Book Excerpt:

Suddenly, they heard a loud rustling of bushes and branches snapping downriver not far from where they had set up their makeshift camp.

“What was that?” Savi whispered anxiously. “It couldn’t be Vexel, could it?”

“Quiet.” Rico rebuked her with a hush. He raised the tip of his nearly finished spear.

Again, they heard more noise in the woods. This time they knew it was getting closer.

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Green Gooey Goop by Anna C. Morrison #children #books

Title: Green Gooey Goop
Author: Anna C. Morrison
Publisher: Green Gooey Goop
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Format: Paperback/Kindle

A little girl is presented with a different sort of a meal when her mom serves her green gooey goop. Interesting and icky ingredients appear one by one as the little girl decides what's in this noxious-smelling concoction. The little girl creates a flood, and her dog's fur turns green. Suggested age range for readers: 0-8

This book was written to capture the moment when a child is confronted by healthy food that, while nutritious, may not appear to be delicious.  Many children react imaginatively to new foods, and the child in this book is no exception.  She envisions the ingredients as other than what her mother describes in the first part of the book in an attempt to get out of eating the food.  When she realizes she must eat it anyway, it spills onto the family dog, who may or may not be green forever!  

I hope you enjoy starting a conversation with your child about the value of eating healthy foods that also taste delicious.  Thank you for reading Green Gooey Goop!

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Three Days to Forever by Lauren Carr #mystery

Title: Three Days to Forever
Author: Lauren Carr
Publisher: Acorn Book Services
Pages: 466
Genre: Mystery
Format: Paperback/Kindle

In this latest Mac Faraday Mystery from best-selling mystery author Lauren Carr, readers will embark on a rollercoaster adventure with old friends (including the Lovers in Crime team of Prosecutor Joshua Thornton and Homicide Detective Cameron Gates), but also meet new ones as Mac Faraday’s daughter Jessica Faraday and Joshua Thornton’s son Murphy Thornton join the team in the race to get the love birds to the altar!

With three days left to the year, Deep Creek Lake is hopping with holiday vacationers and wedding guests pouring into the Spencer Inn for Mac Faraday and Archie Monday’s huge wedding ceremony which is being touted as the social event of the year.

But droopy flowers and guests who failed to RSVP are the least of Mac’s and Archie’s problems when a professional hit squad hits Spencer Manor to send the groom, Joshua Thornton, Archie’s mother, and Gnarly running for their lives.

With time running out to the big day, Mac Faraday and Spencer’s small police force have to sort through the clues to figure out not only who has been targeted for assassination, but also who is determined to stop everything … FOREVER!

“Lauren Carr’s mystery novels are indeed one of my go-tos when I’m looking for a good whodunit.” –Reviewer: Shana Benedict, ABookVacation Book Reviews.

“Lauren Carr does a good job of moving the quirky storyline along nicely with an abundance of witty dialogue.  And you have no idea who the good guys are and who the bad guys are until the end." - Reviewer: Every Free Chance Book Reviews.

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Book Excerpt:

How many years have I lived here, and I still don’t know where Archie puts the scissors?

After closing the drawer in the nightstand on his side of the bed, Mac gave up and twisted around to grasp the designer tag hanging from under his armpit. Hoping to not tear a hole in the new blue sweater that his daughter, Jessica, had given him for Christmas, he gave it a sharp tug.

The tag gave way, but the plastic “do-hickey” that kept it attached to the sweater didn’t.


From where he was sprawled out in the center of the bed, Gnarly cocked his head at him.

“I don’t suppose you could bite it off without putting a hole in this sweater, huh, Gnarly?”

Mac studied the label he had torn off. Dolce & Gabbana.

Never heard of them. But if Jessica bought it, it has to be expensive, and she’ll have a fit if I put a hole in it. Mac went into the master bathroom in search of nail clippers.

Gnarly’s bark, and then his jump between the bed and the door, prompted Mac to forget the do-hickey hanging under his armpit. After grabbing his gun from the drawer in the nightstand, he followed Gnarly down the stairs to the two-
story foyer, out the cut-glass front door, and onto the front porch. Mac clutched his weapon behind his back. When Gnarly, sitting at his side, uttered a low growl, Mac tightened his grip and watched the sedan slowly make its way around the circular driveway before coming to a halt at the bottom of the porch steps.

When the elderly driver stepped out of the car, Mac placed her and the car.

Agnes Douglas. Archie’s mother.

No wonder Gnarly had growled. He never had liked her very much ... and the feeling was mutual.

Shoving aside his fears about the safety of Archie, his family, and their friends, Mac forced a wide grin onto his face.

After shoving the gun into the back waistband of his pants and covering it up with his sweater, he hurried down the steps to take the white-haired woman into his arms. Like her only daughter, she was petite. She fell two inches short of five feet tall, and Mac had to bend over to hug her. In her heavy dark blue winter coat and thick snow boots, she resembled a blue snow man.

Shouldn’t she be with Archie and the bridesmaids getting their hair done at the salon? Oh well, Agnes goes and does what she wants when she wants. Best not to question.

“Agnes, I’m so glad to see you.” Mac clasped her arm, slipped his other arm around her waist, and guided her across the slick ice, up the steps, and inside.

At the top of the steps, Gnarly backed away. Agnes had made it quite clear to Gnarly that he was only allowed to look at, but not touch, her.

“I told her that I had one of my headaches.” At the top of the porch steps, she turned to Mac. She tilted her head back to peer up at him from over the top of her glasses. She paused to look him up and then down, and then she noticed that he was wearing only his bedroom slippers without any socks. “What are you doing outside in two feet of snow and ice without boots on?”

“I heard you coming and didn’t want you to slip on the ice.”

Agnes’ head bobbed up and down while she chastised him. “Do I look like I need your help? I haven’t broken a hip yet. Archie depends on you. What good are you going to do her dropping dead from pneumonia?”

Unable to come up with an answer, Mac shrugged.

Willing Gnarly out of her way, she opened the front door.

“I hope you have the tea ready.” Grabbing him by the elbow, she ushered him inside. Gnarly was barely able to slip inside before she slammed the door.

“Actually,” Mac said as gently as possible, “I was on my way out.”

Her head snapped up to glare at him. “What do you mean you were on your way out?”

“One of my groomsmen and I have an appointment with the tailor.” Mac looked down at the tiny elderly woman who stood before him in the middle of the living room. She clasped her handbag with both hands in front of her.

Like a referee at a boxing match, Gnarly sat between them, looking from one to the other.

“Did I do something to upset you, Agnes?”

“I think it’s best if we lay out our ground rules before you marry Archie,” she said.

Sensing a battle, Mac folded his arms across his chest. He was physically setting up a barrier. “Okay, Agnes. Shoot.”

“To be blunt,” Agnes said in a tone devoid of emotion,

“I’m giving this marriage five years. Archie refuses to tell me how much you’re paying for this huge three-ring circus, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth it when you only get five years on your investment.”

“Five years? Investment?” Mac chuckled. “With all due respect—”

Agnes’ hand shot up. She shook her head. “Don’t give me that all-due-respect crap. I’ve had seven children, six boys.

Archie’s daddy keeled over with a heart attack when she was only five years old. Since that time, I’ve been ’round the block so much that I wore a rut in it and”—she shook her finger at him—“I learned ages ago that when someone says to me ‘with all due respect,’ they’re not giving me an ounce of it.”

“I don’t consider Archie to be an investment,” Mac said through gritted teeth. “And to be blunt, I don’t think you know enough about our relationship to be in a position to make any sort of prediction about the success or lack of success of our marriage.”

“Archie has spent the last dozen years of her life hiding out in this mansion, taking care of your mother,” Agnes said.

“Then, she’s spent the last few years in your bed. Now,” she glanced him up and down, “you’re a very attractive man, and I’m sure Archie wouldn’t want to marry you if you weren’t good in bed. I’m sure all of that money adds to your appeal, but there’s more to lifelong happiness than sex and money. There’s character, and marriage with a man who has no character—”

Mac stepped toward her. “What gives you the right to comment on my character?”

As if to voice his agreement, Gnarly barked.