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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with 'The Art & Science of Healing' Dr. Mark J. Rogers

Dr. Mark Rogers has been a general practitioner for thirty years and developed his expertise in soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, and laser over the last twenty. A former migraine and back patient himself, he saw the need for a book specifically for patients and how to heal their pain. He has presented papers on his methods all over the world and lectures to post graduate Masters students. Three times nominated for Australian of the Year he lives in Adelaide, Australia, is married and has five children.

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About the Book:

Title: The Art & Science of Healing – with Light
Author: Dr. Mark J. Rogers with Nike Azoros
Publisher: Dr. Mark J. Rogers with Nike Azoros
Pages: 442
Genre: Medical
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Chronic pain has reached epidemic proportions but it is not a disease. Chronic pain is a genuine physical problem and its epidemic is being spread by the very treatments the doctors are prescribing. Over thirty percent of patients across the world present with back, neck, or head pain, the majority of whom are in chronic pain, but all doctors offer is a prescription for painkillers and a referral for intensive physical therapy. The patients never improve, in fact they get worse. Instead of receiving empathy and understanding they are often accused of being dishonest about the severity of their pain. Some are even sent for psychotherapy. 'The Art and Science of Healing - with Light' breaks that vicious cycle. Within it is explained to patients how they developed chronic pain in the first place and how to begin to heal their migraines, back pain, neck pain, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and all forms of chronic pain in general.

Doctor Mark Rogers bases the healing process on his 7 Principles of Healing Chronic Pain. His methods are all based in science, are common sense, pain free, drug free, have no painful exercises, and no 'mind over matter' meditations for coping because the problem is not in the mind of the patients, it is in their bodies at a deep cellular level. The 7 Principles have a conservative efficacy of eighty-five percent. As long as the Principles are followed the patient will heal. It is the medical system that is keeping patients in pain through ignoring the origin of the pain. Pain is not a mystery, it is not a disease, it means you are being hurt. Chronic pain means you are still being hurt. Written in a clear easy to read style with minimal medical jargon it is designed for patients to finally give them understand what happened to them and gain control over their healing processes so they can start healing today.

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Thanks for stopping off at the book club, Dr. Rogers.  Can we begin by having you tell us what was happening when you got the brainstorm to write this book?
Dr. Rogers: Once I realised I discovered something profound about how the human body heals itself, and how light accelerates the process, I realised this knowledge had to be made known. I was helping my patients within my general practice but everybody needs this knowledge so I decided the best way to reach more people was through a book.
I love the concept of healing by way of natural methods and not drugs and I’m particularly interested in getting rid of migraines the natural way.  Can you elaborate more on that in particular to migraine healing?
Dr. Rogers: Migraines are not a disease. They are a symptom of a long standing soft tissue injury which has never been enabled to heal. But let me clarify, I am a general practitioner, not a naturopath. I fear that when patients hear the word ‘natural’ they sometimes believe it to be a soft approach.
My method is the scientific application of the natural laws of physics. We do not cure migraines, instead we cure the underlying cause that triggers them, and the migraines cease to occur.
Drugs have their place in helping patients cope in the short term but they never cure anything, they only ever mask the symptoms so the damage is not being healed, instead it is being made even worse.
In your book, The Art & Science of Healing – with Light, you explain that it’s important for people to find out how they developed chronic pain in the first place.  Why is that important?
Dr. Rogers: In the vast majority of cases chronic pain is only ever a symptom of chronic inflammation from a long standing injury. What is important is to diagnose precisely the underlying cause of the chronic inflammation brought about by soft tissue injuries, even a microscopic tear within the tissue causes inflammation. Within the book I explain how, together with the patient, we locate the site of the original injury, which we then treat and cure. It is my experience that microscopic soft tissue injuries even decades old can be completely cured by laser light therapy.
You are quoted as saying “Most doctors still can’t fix a bad back or tell you the real reason you get migraines or that permanent ringing in your ears.”  I hear you on this because I myself have been to the doctor for back pain and there’s not really anything they can prescribe. It’s like they have no way of knowing what to give me for it.  My daughter goes through the same way with migraines and it’s frustrating that the medical people can’t help or don’t know what the solution is.  My opinion is that they’ll prescribe anything in the hopes that it helps not really knowing if it’s going to help or not.  My question to you (and I know this is a loaded questions) on that is what would you suggest to do for back pain and migraines if doctors can’t help?  It’s frustrating.
Dr. Rogers: In my book the ‘The Art and Science of Healing – with Light’ I outline my 7 Principles of healing. Principle 1 is You Are Injured. I can understand why patients have trouble grasping this when their own doctors don’t. Most, however, react positively and I often hear things like, ‘I knew it all along. I have never been the same since that fall.’ The patients finally feel in control and learn to trust their instincts again.
When it comes to chronic pain doctors’ brains shut down. They do not think beyond the standard of prescribing drugs or physiotherapy yet we know they don’t work, the patients knows too so they are stuck in this sinister cycle of drugs and physical therapy, but have absolutely no improvement. That is because the underlying cause, an injury, is never located let alone healed. The physiotherapy further harms the injury, and the drugs mask the pain so the patients do more, only to keep re-injuring themselves. The vicious cycle continues.
Treating and caring for an injury is defined as first aid – doctors and physios or even some nurses do not get involved in first aid, they consider it someone else’s job while they tend to the serious stuff. It is not even considered medicine by many so the essential art of self-preservation is never taught to patients and is ignored by medicine, yet this is where chronic pain develops. Within The Art and Science of Healing – with Light  it is all explained but it essential to grasp that what started it all was an injury that was never allowed to heal through the natural healing processes of the body.
You were once a chronic pain sufferer yourself.  Can you tell us your own personal story on that?
Dr. Rogers: I had been suffering migraines since I was 8 years old, and most of my life I also suffered terrible back and neck pain. It was not easy managing my own chronic pain while trying to see patients. Often I would need to take quick naps on my own examination table just to get through the day. When patients came to me with their own chronic pain issues I could only commiserate and offer them the same useless drugs and therapies I too was taking. Once I discovered the Principles of Healing and the Light therapy, and traced my original injury to a childhood fall, I healed myself. As soon as I shared it with my patients they too healed. Now I consider it my life’s work to have the Principles of Healing as common knowledge, and frankly, if they are followed properly chronic pain will virtually disappear.
Finally, can you give us some case examples of people who have followed the advice in your book and found relief from their chronic pain?
Dr. Rogers: A friend of mine is a vet who suffered neck pain most of his adult life. He read the book and finally understood why he was in pain. One of the principles is correct posture. He found that merely by standing better most of his pain went away. Another reader had migraines for twenty years. She followed all the principles to the letter, including the information within the migraine section, and she hasn’t had a migraine since.  The Principles work, it is pure science.
I thank you for answering our questions, Dr. Rogers, and I hope you have continued success with your book (btw, everyone grab a copy!) and also thank you for helping so many people find relief after nothing else worked.  Good luck to you!
Dr. Rogers: This is empowering and enlightening knowledge that will improve lives, I am only too happy to share it, and thank you so much for the opportunity to do so.

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