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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with 'Believers: Truth in Deception' Tamara D. Taylor

Tamara D. Taylor was born and raised in the East Bay of California until she moved to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Creighton University. Today, Tamara still resides in Nebraska where she and her husband, John, are raising their five young children.

A life long lover of all forms of the written word, Tamara is an avid reader, and has been writing short stories and poetry since elementary school. After watching her son struggle with succeeding in school, she decided to finally write the novel she had been thinking about for years in an effort to show her son that no dream is too big to achieve. 

Her latest book is the YA, Believers: Truth in Deception.
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About the Book:

Mary lives in a world of the future where an anti aging drug has torn society apart, creating an insurmountable divide between the wealthy and the poor. Her life is thrown sideways after she
receives an unsolicited promotion at work, which leaves her as assistant to one of the most notorious playboys of the wealthy elite.

Mary struggles to find solid footing in a world that drastically conflicts with her humble upbringing. Her moral compass is tested as she finds herself falling in love with a man she knows she should not trust, compromising her relationship with her childhood sweetheart.

After her life is threatened, she fears for her safety and that of her family. Will she be able to guard her own secrets to prevent even further danger? Will death be the consequence of falling in love with the wrong man?

“This is a great book. It contains a world that is dark and focused on the comforts of the select elite and a world of hope and love for those less fortunate... all coupled with action and anticipation. Great combinations in my opinion! I can't wait to read the next book!”
-- California Mom

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Thanks for stopping by the book club today, Tamara! Can we begin by having you tell us why you started writing young adult novels? 

Tamara:  In a few years, my children will be entering into their teens. They already had an intense interest in the book that I have been working on the last few years, Believers. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure whatever I wrote would be appropriate for them to read. I love the idea of other moms reading this book alongside their teens and young twenty-something children. I wanted it to be exciting for all parties reading it. I decided that it would be easy to create a story line for a young adult novel, which could appeal to both the young and old. I also wanted to make sure that the content of the book would be conservative enough to avoid embarrassment for readers of all ages. I wanted it to be a story that I could be proud of morally, but still maintain enough excitement to keep the reader turning pages.

Is this something new for you?  Have you written books in other genres?

Tamara: Believers is the first novel that I have started and completed. I have dabbled in children short stories, but have never seen them through to the finish. In Believers, it was a challenge to create a society that has its own set of rules and a character that has to live and abide by those boundaries.
In your latest young adult novel, Believers: Truth in Deception, it’s a futuristic society in which an anti-aging drug has torn the world apart.  Can you tell us more about this society?

Tamara: The world that hosts the characters in Believers is composed of many extreme opposites. Society is divided into two classes due to the anti-aging medication, Xenvie. Only the wealthy can afford the wonder drug allowing them an endless life time to amass stockpiles of wealth, while the poor are left to struggle with disease and third world living conditions.
After Religious leaders tried to ban the anti aging medication, the wealthy felt that they had no choice but to respond to the uprising by making all religious practices illegal and even punishable by death. The loss of faith for the lower class left many of the poor to crumble from poor living conditions, lack of proper nutrition and costly medical care. With no hope or comfort to be found in faith, discontent reached epic proportions, leaving the religious underground rallying for a revaluation against the wealthy.

The main character, Mary, has some struggles.  Can you explain more?

Tamara: Mary has been raised in a very conservative, poor family and, as a result, has been shielded from many of the harsh realities of life. Her youthful naivety enables her to still believe that she alone can change the world. Mary is thrown into society of privilege where the wealthy dictate how the poor live. While she has always known of this injustice she has a hard time seeing past the generalization that all the wealthy are cruel and uncaring. During the first book, she struggles to put her prejudice of the weathy aside as she gets to know people within the upper class elite. She has to fight the urge to judge them as a whole population as she realizes that not all medi people are cruel and that not all non-medi people are good.

There is a great dividing line between the rich and the poor in your book.  Is there no middle ground?

Tamara: While the class divide is large and overwhelmingly apparent, there are some lower upper class citizens that fall into the medi society. This group is created by the younger generations of medi families along with people that have finally saved up enough money to start taking the anti-aging medication.
There would also be an upper lower class in the non-medi society. The members of this group would consist of families that have been able to pass down wealth from generation to generation. It would also be made up of professionals that cater to the non-medi class, such as doctors, lawyers and prominent business owners.

They say there is always at least one pivotal point in every book where the reader just can’t put the book down.  Can you give us an example of one of the pivotal points in your book?

Tamara: As a writer, I felt like the book really started to heat up when Mary and Joseph arrive for the first time in Montana. At this point of the book we are learning more about who Joseph is and what his true intentions are for hiring Mary as an assistant. During this chapter the world around Mary gets a little dangerous as she starts to struggle with trusting Joseph despite what he shares with her during their picnic lunch. What Joseph reveals only makes Mary question his character more as she starts to wonder weather she has feelings for him and weather or not all that he is sharing with her is just a trap to get her to reveal her identity.

Now’s your chance. What would you like to tell your readers and fans about your book?

Tamara: Believers is a non-stop roller coaster ride from start to finish. It’s jammed packed with mystery, danger and romance. While reading the Believers Saga everyone should ask themselves the following questions. Does your personality sway more to the Medi’s or Believers? Is life truly black and white? Finally, can you say that a drug is addictive if that drug is what keeps you alive?

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