Friday, October 2, 2015

Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together by Jamillah & David Lamb

Title: Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together
Author: Jamillah & David Lamb
Publisher: Between the Lines Productions
Pages: 182
Genre: Relationships/Dating/Romance/Self-Help

Jamillah and David Lamb are the dynamic couple behind the successful off-Broadway play, Platanos Y Collard Greens, which has enjoyed more than 10 years running. For years, they have worked side by side, 24/7, to create and build their business. And, not only have they not killed each other, their love has grown stronger. Now Jamillah and David share their recipe for romantic success.

This insightful relationship guidebook is part love manual and part diary as the couple explores important and intimate topics. Speaking from both of their voices--separately and collectively.

Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together is not a book of relationship theory – it’s a practical guide that provides the recipe anyone, man or woman, single, engaged or married, can use for love. Jamillah & David tell their story with a sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious, honesty. It is the warm, true-to-life style combined with road-tested advice that makes this book on love and relationships so unique and so valuable.

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Book Excerpt:

So many couples don't want to deal with it, especially not in detail, but we all come to every relationship with a past. We walk around carrying hurts, pains and regrets in gigantic emotional duffel bags. Believe us; we do the same, just like every other couple. Just because you see us on stage smiling at each other affectionately at the end of a great show, our genuine love on display doesn't mean that we haven't had to unload emotional baggage to arrive at a place of Love and Happiness. So before we get into what works in our relationship and in our partnership, or deal with the places where we are still being challenged, we wanted to share with you our "Before You” talk.

We have all been in relationships before that didn't work, and  we all have to deal with the ideas, memories, expectations and pain that keep us from Love and  Happiness.  It's necessary because there are some important lessons you learned in those other relationships about what you don't want and will not accept in a relationship (your deal-breakers).  But, here's the truth that stings: even though you're an amazing, wonderful, gifted person, you have also learned some things about yourself that didn't always reflect you in the best light, but they were   real.

In order to be willing to move forward, in love, with love, you've got to deal with what you've learned about yourself. The lessons you learned are important and it's essential to incorporate them into your everyday thinking so that you don't make those same mistakes or waste time on those same conver­ sations, when you know that you already know better.

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