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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with Lisa Tillinger Johansen, author of 'Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off!'

LISA TILLINGER JOHANSEN, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian who counsels clients on a wide range of health issues. Her debut nutrition book, Fast Food Vindication, received the Discovery Award (sponsored by USA Today, Kirkus and The Huffington Post).  She lives in Southern California.

Her latest book is the nonfiction/nutrition/health book, Stop the Diet, I Want To Get Off!

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About the Book:

Title: Stop the Diet, I Want To Get Off!
Author: Lisa Tillinger Johansen
Publisher: J. Murray Press
Pages: 350
Genre: Nonfiction/Nutrition/Health

The Paleo.  The Zone.  The Gluten-free.  Another day, another diet.  We’re caught in a never-ending merry-go-round of weight loss plans, fueled by celebrity endorsers, TV doctors and companies angling for a piece of a $60 billion industry.  But do these diets really work?  And how healthy are they?

Registered Dietitian Lisa Tillinger Johansen examines dozens of the most wildly popular diets based on medical facts, not hype.  And along the way, she reveals tried-and-true weight loss strategies, relying on her years of hospital experience, weight-loss seminars and community outreach efforts.  With insight and humor, Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off shows that the best answer is often not a trendy celebrity-endorsed diet, but easy-to-follow guidelines that are best for our health and our waistlines.

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Thanks for joining us at the book club, Lisa!  Can we begin by having you tell us why you wrote, Stop the Diet! I Want to Get Off!?

Lisa: About two-thirds of us in the U.S. are overweight or obese. And there’s an obesity epidemic across the globe as well. I want to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Being a health educator and teaching a variety of nutrition classes must have given you the idea to write your book.  Was there a pivotal moment when you said, “I’ve just got to write a book about this.”?

Lisa: I describe a scene at a wedding reception in Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off! in which some attendees  talk about the various diets they’re on. I hear so many people talk about fad diets, both professionally and in my personal life. There are a lot of questions about the different diets and the best way to reach and maintain a healthy weight. I felt it was time to offer a one stop reading experience that covers diets from A to Z.

What do you feel people are doing wrong when it comes to dieting?

Lisa: They diet. Restrictive diets don’t typically work in the long term. It’s difficult for most of us to stay on them for a long period of time. And when we go off a restrictive diet the vast majority of us gain back the lost weight or even more. That’s not only frustrating, but it can be unhealthy.

What diets do you feel people should stay away from?

Lisa: All restrictive and fad diets.

What do you think about diet pills?  Are they really bad for you?

Lisa: There’s no magic weight loss pill. Studies have shown that very few even show a little success. On top of that, the problem with diet pills is that they don’t teach us anything. Weight-loss requires behavior change. We may not always like that, but we can’t avoid it. We must eat healthy balanced meals with an appropriate calorie level. And unless we’re not physically able, it’s essential to incorporate exercise into our daily lives.

What’s the worse fad diet out there?

Lisa: There are so many! Certainly any diet that doesn’t provide enough calories or nutrients is terrible. This would include extremely low calorie diets, cleanses, diets that don’t include food, like swallowing juice-soaked cotton balls to stop you from eating and the Hollywood diet. 
The problem is that there isn’t just one worst diet. There are many. That’s a big reason why I wrote Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off!

What should people do first to prepare to take on a new diet?

Lisa: Remove the word “diet” and replace it with “healthy eating plan for life.” We need to be prepared to change. We have to be in a state of readiness to do just that. And remember, slow and steady wins the race here. Quick weight loss doesn’t usually stick around long term.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers and fans?

Lisa: I know weight loss and management isn’t always easy. There are a lot of resources and support available and I list some great web sites and organizations at the end of my book. And I’m always happy to answer questions. Please visit my Q&A at

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