Friday, November 27, 2015

I, Mary by Mike Hartner Book Tour Highlights

It's so sad to see our authors go, but in tribute we do a recap of the highlights of their blog tour with us at Pump Up Your Book.  Today we're highlighting Mike Hartner and his I, Mary Virtual Book Publicity Tour.

About the Book:

Mary Crofter's first trip on the water was just after her first birthday, when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth. She's been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and other places since. She loves the water and the water seems to love her. Can she survive on the water? Will people ever take seriously a GIRL as a sailor? Will she ever come off the water? If she does, will the lure of the ocean draw her back?

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About the Author:

Mike Hartner was born in Miami in 1965. He's traveled much of the continental United States. He has several years post secondary education, and experience teaching and tutoring young adults. Hartner has owned and run a computer firm for more than twenty-five years. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife and child. They share the neighborhood and their son with his maternal grandparents.

His latest book is the historical romance, I, Mary.
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Virtual Book Tour Highlights

“Mary Crofter was a very interesting character. I instantly liked and appreciated her growth as the story developed. I admired her strength and courage.  Even though her life was filled with challenges, she was always focused and certain about her destiny.”


“This is a really a wonderful story. Will Mary find true love and still be able to stay on the land or will she have to give up one love for another? I give this book a 4/5.”

–Deal Sharing Aunt

“Absolutely a 5 star book. So very well written and grounded in history as well as fiction.”

– Teatime and Books

“This book took me on quite the adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it! The romance between Mary and Andrew wasn’t half bad either although it did feel like it happened very quickly. But other than that this book was enjoyable and if you’re looking for an adventure with likable character’s then I suggest you check it out! Just make sure to start with the first book I, Walter!”

–I Sold My Soul for Books 

For more reviews, interviews, guest posts and book features, visit the official I, Mary Virtual Book Publicity Tour here.

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