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PUYB Chats with R.H. Scott, author of Chosen Soldiers


Inside the Book:

Chosen Soldiers

Title: Chosen Soldiers 
Author: R.H. Scott 
Release Date: February 9, 2016 
Publisher: Harper Voyager 
Genre: YA Dystopian/Thriller 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

After the missiles tore up the Earth, societies crumbled, leaving scattered patches of humanity struggling to survive. Slowly, a group came together, helping each other regrow a world worth living in.

And then the Others attacked.

Realizing the need to truly protect themselves, they formed the Academy: a place where young people could be built into an elite military force. The training is intense…and so are the consequences for failure. Sloan Radcliffe is not a failure.

In fact, she’s the best of the best—the girls’ Senior Champion—and the only one who can match her is matched to her: her betrothed, Jared Dawson. They are the perfect couple: exemplary fighters, pure leaders, and exceptional role models. But as their time at the Academy draws to a close, Sloan is starting to see signs that maybe their life is built upon secrets…and that secrets are never a strong foundation.

With the battlefront looming and whispers growing louder, Sloan is caught up not only between her loyalties to her people, but also to the man she loves. A combination of military sci-fi and dystopian thriller, R. H. Scott’s Chosen Soldiers is an intense look at a young woman’s world shattering under the weight of its own illusions.

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The Interview

Why did you choose to write novels in the Sci-Fi genre?

I think the genre chose me. Chosen Soldiers came to me practically fully formed; I never intentionally drafted a piece to suit a mapped- out genre. 

Where is your book set and why did you choose that location?

The story takes place at a military academy on an island in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian society. As I mentioned, Chosen Soldiers came to me over night, the characters, plot lines, scenes and location, I simply had to write out this world that I had suddenly envisioned. 

I’d like to know more about Chosen Soldiers. Can you give us a little background into why you wrote the novel?

Chosen Soldiers follows the story Sloan Radcliffe, as she is learning how to navigate a dangerous world as an individual, as a woman and as a soldier. At the time, when I first started writing, a lot of books and movies seemed to be featuring ‘damsel-in-distress’ female characters and I wanted to write a story with a resilient female lead—a story about a young woman who was physically, emotionally and psychologically strong, and who would, despite great adversities, persevere. 

I’d like to know more about the main character. Can you tell us more about her?

Sloan is seventeen years old and, like many young women at that age, she finds her whole world isn’t quite what she thought it to be. Not only does she have to deal with the more common coming of age issues so many can relate to, but she has to contend with an onslaught of violence, betrayal, and deception, ultimately testing her devotion to her partner, her beliefs, and her ability to survive when it matters most. 

Can you tell us a little about the supporting characters?

Let’s talk about the boys! Jared is the all-too-well-known ‘Golden Boy’ of the Academy where Sloan trains. Handsome and loyal, he is an over-achiever who has been praised as the Academy’s greatest soldier. As Sloan’s betrothed, he is impacted greatly by her horrifying discoveries and struggles with his own skewed path. Then there is Elijah, the elusive and dangerous captain. Elijah struggles as he consistently blurs the lines between what he wants and what he knows is right—his heart and his mission. 

They say all fiction books have pivotal points in the book where the reader just can’t put the book down.  What’s one pivotal point in Chosen Soldiers?

Difficult to answer without giving too much away! The entire story line really begins to unfold when Sloan and Jared begin to question the foundation of their relationship, as they are pushed into scenarios they never thought possible, they learn of deceptions from their superiors, and from one another.  

What’s next on your agenda?

I have been working on several different pieces since finishing the final edit on Chosen Soldiers. I am now coordinating with my agent, Richard Curtis, on what our next great project will be. 

What would you like to say to your readers/fans?

You’re incredible—all of you. Your opinions matter, your investment in our work matters, and your insights into the genres we explore and stories we weave are instrumental to our final product. I know how many readers are writers, how many writers are prolific readers, and how many readers know more about the writer’s work than the writer, as a reader/writer/book-lover, I have to say—be kind to one another, support your fellow artist, and carry on being amazing. 

Meet the Author:

R.H. Scott, born 1991, has spent the better part of her life travelling with her mother and sisters. Having lived on three continents by the age of 21, she developed a unique interest in differing societies and psychology. Scott completed a Bachelor of Arts Sociology & Socio-Legal Studies and is currently working on her MSc Experimental Psychology. The granddaughter of two published authors, writing has been a lifelong passion, and outside of her academic endeavors, Miss Scott writes full time, enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and reading.

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