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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with 'Girl in the Air' Tyler Pike

Tyler Pike is an up-and-coming voice in the thriller genre, earning many accolades for his newly launched thriller series. Before turning to novels, he was a sinologist, lived in China for many years, and eventually earned a PhD in Chinese poetry and lectured at the University of Sydney in Chinese. He and his wife also spent many years studying Hindu philosophy, traveling in India and running a yoga studio in Sydney, before it all came down on their heads.
When he is not writing, you’ll either find him down at the beach with his young family or out on the open road. He is an avid ocean swimmer and long distance runner.

Tyler Pike lives with his family in Australia and the US.

Tyler is different from most popular writers in that he endeavors to respond personally to every email and loves sharing his journey with his readers.

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About the Book:


A teenaged loner who sees more than she should, Alice Brickstone’s mission in life is to find out who or what killed her twin brother a decade earlier. All her parents will divulge is that he died on a
family trip to an ashram in India, a place impossibly far from her remote ski town in Colorado. When she begins to see faces from her childhood nightmares, Alice buries her fear and pounces on the opportunity to hunt for information…and revenge. She works alone and observes no caution. Her simple mission is complicated when a strange Himalayan hermit shows up in the woods near her house telling her that she has paranormal abilities. Skeptical but determined to use any advantage to end the threat against her, she is shocked to suddenly become the hunted. There is only one way out—Alice must master her newfound skills and fly before tragedy takes over again.

GIRL IN THE AIR is the first book in a series of page-turning, fast-paced magical realism thrillers set in the Rocky Mountains. Be transported into Alice’s low-tech world of ancient yogic supernatural abilities, modern teenaged angst and post-modern world problems. Readers interested in Asian mythology will love discovering subtle allusions to the Mahabharata, and yoga practitioners will twist and writhe in their seats. If you like your heroes big like Jack Reacher, weird like Carrie, or scarred like Harry Potter, you’ll love Tyler Pike’s character, Alice Brickstone.

Buy GIRL IN THE AIR today and join Alice on her harrowing ride.

“It’s good, and wackily funny, and mostly ridiculously believable…An unstoppable magic realism action thriller.” – Tom Flood, Award-winning Author

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Before you started writing your book, what kind of research did you do to prepare yourself?

My book, GitA, is set in a fictional town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains called “Hardrock.” Much of my research involved the creation of Hardrock and its natural environment. I used the area of Steamboat Springs, CO as a model. I have spent a lot of time in that area, but I still needed to thoroughly research the Steamboat area to refresh my memory and create a very believable and exciting place for my character Alice to have her adventures in.

Did you pursue publishers or did you opt to self-pub?

I always wanted full creative and marketing control of my work, so I never bothered to approach any traditional publishers. I’m very pleased with how things are working out for me as an indie author.

If self-published, did you hire someone to format the ebook version for you or did you do it yourself?  Can you tell us what that was like?

I did all that myself. It was not fun.

If self-published, how did you determine the price?

I worked out pricing based on other thrillers pitched at audiences that seemed similar to mine.

Did you purposefully choose a distinct month to release your book?  Why?

No, I just published when the book was truly ready for the world.

How did you choose your cover?

I love my covers. They were designed by a fantastic cover designer in Chicago named Carl Graves (Extended Imagery)

Did you write your book, then revise or revise as you went?

I am a perfectionist and am constantly writing and rewriting. The compulsion to constantly edit is like a disease. I would have loved to just breeze through a draft and edit later but alas it’s not physically possible for me to do so.

Did you come up with special swag for your book and how are you using it to help get the word out about your book? 

Nothing yet ….

Did you consider making or hiring someone to make a book trailer for your book?  If so, what’s the link?

I am considering a simple video suitable for a FB ad.

What’s your opinion on giving your book away to sell other copies of your book?

I published another book in the same series called The Feeling of Water that is permafree, and is designed to create interest in the paid books in my series. As for giving away copies of GitA, I’m happy to do so if someone really wants it and can’t afford it, or if someone wants a free copy to help me reach a larger audience. When it comes down to it, I’m not a very good businessman, and I give away a lot of books. I do it because I feel so grateful to people who are keen to read them.

What are three of the most important things you believe an author should do before their book is released?

1.      Understand who will be buying your book,
2.      learn how to best reach and persuade them to buy,
3.      make a detailed marketing plan. (and I recommend getting professional help on all of these steps.)

What are three of the most important things you believe an author should do after their book is released?

1.      spend half of each working day fine-tuning marketing efforts,
2.      Spend the remainder writing new books,
3.      Don’t obsess over success and failure

What kind of pre-promotion did you do before the book came out? 

As this was the first book I self-published, I spent most of my time setting up a system for signing readers up for my reading group/mailing list. It’s a standard setup used by most indie authors:  I give away a free book to people who wish to sign up. The system was fun to setup. There was quite a lot of copyediting and technology involved to get things working well for potential reading group subscribers. I made sure that the system was up and running well before I launched, and I hope that the next time I launch a new book, I’ll have a substantial mailing list, which will hopefully make things easier to reach my fans.

Do you have a long term plan with your book?

I just hope that people love it and all of its sequels as much as I do. I don’t have specific plans to take it to a traditional publisher or get a movie deal or anything like that. I do, however, hope to organize an audio version.

What would you like to say to your readers and fans about your book?

If you have already picked up a copy of GitA and read it, I just want to let you know how grateful I am. It has always been my dream to reach readers with a fun novel like this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading it and making my dream come true!

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