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Release Day Blitz: ITGIRL4LIFE by Model, Actress & Author Tamara Branch

We welcome Tamara Branch as she celebrates the release day of her YA/Self-Esteem book, ITGIRL4LIFE!
Author: Tamara Branch
 Publisher: Heart Project Publishing
Pages: 98  
Genre: YA/Self-Esteem 
Format: Paperback/Kindle


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Book Summary: 

Writer, artist and speaker, Tamara Branch serves up 40 bite-sized chapters on how to build unshakable self-confidence, honor your life, and shine bright in the world, in ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights and affirmations to help you soar, ITGIRL4LIFE offers ideas, tools and principles that you can reference and build upon, supporting you in becoming your best. Get ready to fall in love with your own wisdom, beauty and strength.


YOU have IT. IT is the GREATNESS you were born with. IT is that unique special something that is all yours. Nothing and nobody can take IT away from you. IT is not something that you have one day and lose the next. IT is not fleeting. IT is not temporary. IT does not depend on the judgment or approval of others. IT is here to stay. Your job is to tap into IT. Your ITGIRL4LIFE adventure starts NOW. It’s about loving yourself, being authentic, taking charge and making a difference. You will need a great attitude, an open mind, the desire to grow and expand, the courage to create the life you want and the willingness to be your best self.

Are you ready? Your special something and so much more is right this way.

About the Author: 

“I believe in the power, beauty, strength and amazing potential of girls. I believe girls deserve to feel extraordinary. I believe that when girls shine their light, they are unstoppable!” - ITGIRL4LIFE by Tamara Branch

Tamara Branch is from New York, born and raised in the Bronx. She is thrilled to share her first book release, ITGIRL4LIFE, kicking off the ITGIRL4LIFE self-esteem movement to empower girls to stand up, stand out and shine bright in the world.

Tamara has worked as a professional model and actor for almost two decades. She strutted down the runway for designers Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Christian Dior, acted in a few independent films, co-hosted PBS New York’s education series, “What’s up in Technology” and appeared T.V. commercials and print ads for Levi’s, Old Navy, Hershey’s, Colgate, Kellogg’s Special K, Revlon, Hanes, Nike and many others. A Penn State alumnus and lifelong student of personal development, Tamara is deeply passionate about uplifting the human spirit.

After graduating from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying under Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil and some of the top health and wellness experts in the world, she was inspired to raise the bar on her own ‘self care’ and support others in living more vibrantly. She is an abstract artist and teaches a dynamic dance class, where she gets to fuse her varied background, having trained in everything from jazz, ballet and modern to Afro-Caribbean and Salsa.

Tamara was recently asked to become a Female Visionary Author guest blogger for The Brave Heart Women Global Community.  She’s a SAG/AFTRA member since 1998, a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is represented by Abrams Artists Agency.

Tamara currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband of seven years and offers ITGIRL4LIFE workshops to assist girls on their self empowerment journey.

Her latest book is the YA/self-esteem book, ITGIRL4LIFE.

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A Highland Pearl by Brenda B. Taylor

Title: A Highland Pearl
Author: Brenda Taylor
Publisher: Bethabara Press
Pages: 350
Genre: Scottish Historical Romance
Format: Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

A sweet romance blossoms amidst feuding and war. With her reputation at stake after being accused of practicing witchcraft and hated as a member of a rival clan, Maidie considers leaving Clan Munro and returning to the home of her birth in Clan Cameron. Fierce battles, a tragic encounter, and a handsome clan chief compel her to make crucial decisions in this haunting romance set in the16th century Highlands of Scotland.

Maidie is summoned to Fàrdach Castle of Easter Ross-shire to assist in caring for the wounded of Clan Munro after a battle with Clans MacKenzie and Cameron. She dreads the task since her husband, Kenneth Munro, was killed in an earlier battle. Maidie is a healer, taught by her mother, with the skills and knowledge needed to tend the wounds of Chief Andrew Dubh Munro who is seriously wounded.

People in the castle and those in the village of Drumainn turn against Maidie. Angus, the castle physician, resents her for taking his job in caring for the chief. She is hated by some, because she is a member of the enemy Clan Cameron and came to live in Ferindonald, the Munro lands, with her husband.

Maidie considers returning to the land of her birth in Clan Cameron with her young son, Sven, but falls in love with Andrew while caring for his wounds. Although her neighbors now call her a witch, she wishes to stay in Drumainn because of her love for the chief.

Against an effort to guard his hardened heart from another hurtful encounter with a woman, Andrew falls in love with the tender, caring healer, Maidie. He wants her to stay in Drumainn, but his enemies, the Camerons and MacKenzies, have other plans.

Book Excerpt:

Maidie rode behind the young warrior on a horse galloping toward the castle. She removed one hand from around his trim waist to pull her wrap closer against the biting wind then secured the kertch trying to fly from her head. The old Cameron scarf was the only one she could find before rushing out of the cottage when Tavish pounded on her door. She replaced her hand, trying not to mind his grimy clothes and gamey smell, and held her bag of precious herbs with the other. Tavish guided the horse between several tenant crofters coming and going from the castle.
The wind whistled through large birch and oak trees lining the road. Leaves of gold, red, yellow, and brown rustled in the wind then floated to the ground. Maidie enjoyed the walk to the castle this time of year, when a lass needed a midwife, but today she could not think about the beauty. She looked back at Sven, who rode behind Maighstir Tam, and held to a small leather bag filled with various implements she used in her work. A chill ran through her, not only from the wind, but also from the dread of seeing the terrible wounds of the injured.
They pulled to one side of a wide wooden bridge leading to the outer bailey of Fàrdach Castle to let a wagon pass. Tavish waved to the guard in the barbican as their party entered through the large, steel-studded oak gates, under the portcullis, and into the outer bailey. The bailey teemed with the life of humans and animals. Their various buildings, dwellings, and shelters lined the curtain wall.
Tavish steered his horse dodging roughly dressed people, went through a second gate in the curtain wall, then across a bridged moat to the quieter inner yard. He waved to a guard on the rampart, and guided his horse to the door of the castle’s keep. Stable boys rushed to take the reins of both horses. Tavish quickly dismounted, then helped Maidie to the ground. She held her bag with a firm grip. He then assisted Sven and Tam from their horse. Large green eyes in the ashen face of her wee son searched hers. She patted his small hand and rubbed his mass of red hair. He tried to smile, giving her a small gift of comfort.
“All will be well, Sven,” she said to reassure him. Not since watching his father die from wounds he received in a battle with Clans MacKenzie and Cameron had she seen such fear in her son’s eyes.
“I dinna wish to go inside, Mam.” The boy drew back from her touch.
“You may stay out here then. Just dinna leave the bailey.” Maidie took Sven’s bag then handed both to Tavish. She cupped the small boy’s chin in her fingers and kissed the lined forehead. “Stay close. Mayhap there are other children close by.”
“Yes, Mam. I will.” His half-smile gave her a sense of relief.
“Just stay close.” Maidie turned and walked toward Tavish who held the heavy wooden door open. Tam followed as they entered the great hall of the keep.
Tavish closed the door with a thud. Maidie stood for a moment so her eyes could adjust to the dimness. Light rays from the small upper windows glinted off the weapons, armor, and heraldry displayed on the stone walls. Lifeless eyes in the heads of boar with long tusks and red stags with huge racks of antlers stared at her from above the weapons.
Although a large fireplace with a glowing fire stood on each of the four walls, the air felt cold and damp. The smell of dirt, blood, human waste, and unwashed bodies blended together into a noxious odor causing a revolt in her stomach. She swallowed a rush of nausea with a gulp. Wounded warriors lying atop rush pallets lined the floor. A servant rushed to the maighstir, pulling him toward a blood-soaked pallet where an unconscious man lay.

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P.O.W.ER by Lisa A. Kramer

Title: P.O.W.ER
Author: Lisa A. Kremer
Publisher: Word Hermit Press
Pages: 291
Genre: YA Speculative Feminist Fiction
Format: Paperback/Kindle

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What would happen if women and girls joined their unique abilities together to change the world? In a world where access to the written word is reserved to men, Andra BetScrivener has been able to read and write ever since she was a little girl without anyone teaching her. She must keep her abilities a secret in the country of New North, or she could lose her hands, her eyes or her life. In fact, the only paths offered to her–and all young women–are to either marry or enter the government-run Women’s Training Program, where she’ll be taught “feminine” arts like drawing, painting, and homemaking.
On her seventeenth birthday, Andra discovers that her abilities extend beyond reading. She can write events to life. As she begins to explore her new ability, she must take care not to jeopardize her father’s job as head scrivener at the Ministry. Despite her efforts to keep her powers hidden, she comes to the attention of both the government and a rebel group, who each desire to use Andra for their own goals. At the same time, she begins to meet other gifted women who have never dared use their unique powers. With the help of her friends Brian and Lauren—who has the ability to read minds—Andra must find a way to unite the power of women to create change. 

When one side manipulates Andra’s words into killing someone, and the other threatens her father’s life and her own freedom, Andra decides to use her writing to empower others to stop governmental oppression. But in a society ruled by lies, cruelty, and inequality her journey will not be easy or safe.  

For each book sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to causes that support women and children around the world.  

Book Excerpt:

            My stomach dropped as soon as Dad entered the kitchen scowling at a thick card embossed with the government seal. My hand started to shake so much that I had to put down my mug of tea. I knew this day was coming. After all, it was my seventeenth birthday, the first day of the last year of my life.
          “That’s the letter, isn’t it?”
          Dad looked at me with one of his half smiles, the one that never reached his eyes. I hadn’t seen him smile with genuine happiness for years, not since Mother died. This smile made no effort to cover the sadness and defeat in his face. “Pour me some cocoa, please.” He lowered himself into his customary chair next to me, “I’ll do my civic duty and read this to you.”
          “I could always read it myself,” I said. I waited for him to respond the way he always did. I hoped that provoking him a little would reawaken the Dad who let me believe I could do anything, while still protecting me from the cruelty of our society. That Dad had disappeared over recent years.
          “Andra!” he said, “You know I don’t like you to say that out loud. You never know if someone might be listening. If I could let you read everywhere, I would. We can’t let your secret get out.”
          “I’m sorry.” I handed Dad his cocoa and watched as he took several sips. For a moment he closed his eyes and his face relaxed. The secret to giving him those brief moments was in the cocoa. I make it just like Mother used to. She left us too soon to teach me all her cooking secrets, but she taught me a few. She was a woman who turned everything she touched into something beautiful, warm and comforting. She could make people calm even in the most terrifying circumstances. Mother and Dad both made me believe that my future wasn’t set in the same stone used to build the giant walls that separated New North from the outside world. Mother believed that somehow they would find a way to return to some of the freedoms of the past and make a better future for all women. She never got the chance to do that. She died and Dad grew afraid.
          “Ah, perfect as always. Now, to do my duty.” Dad put his mug down and brought my attention back to the thick card, or the envelope of doom, as I thought of it. The government seal—the Eye of the Lord—gleamed with a hint of gold ink as it caught the light from the sun shining through the window. It sent a shiver down my spine, as if the eye was really watching me.

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Tears of the Sea by Marylu Tyndall

Title: Tears of the Sea
Author: Marylu Tyndall
Publisher: Ransom Press
Pages: 260
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Format: Kindle

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Doomed by the evil warlock Forwin to wander the ancient seas as a mermaid for all eternity, Perdita longs for the release death would bring. Every ten years she has a chance to break the curse when she emerges from the sea fully human for one month. The catch? She must find a man willing to die for her.

Captain Savion Ryne wants nothing to do with beautiful women. It was one such woman whose betrayal ruined his life and his reputation. After nearly drowning in a storm at sea, he wakes on an island with visions of a dark haired mermaid pulling him from the water. When a woman similar in appearance begs for his protection, he is suspicious.

Perdita has never met anyone as honorable as Savion. Even though he shuns her every advance, she falls for him. But as the end of her time on land approaches, she faces the hardest decision of all, save Savion and remain cursed for all eternity or break the curse and watch the man she loves die.

Book Excerpt:

Immortality ends tonight.
Standing on the ledge of a mountainous cliff, Perdita gazed over the majestic storm raging beneath her. Mountainous swells thrust foamy claws into the sky. Black, slick as ink, spewed from angry heavens. Lightning hurled white-hot forks toward Erden, while thunder announced the doom of all in the tempest’s path.
Perdita had been waiting endlessly for such a violent squall. Mayhap this would be the night. Mayhap this would be the moment the unbearable pain in her heart would end. Oh, let it be so! What would it be like to die, to finally close her eyes forever? To know naught but darkness and emptiness. Nothingness. Part of her feared it. Most of her yearned for it. At least her agony would be no more. The pain, the loneliness gripping her heart would finally cease.
Tears spilled from her eyes but the wind stole them away. Even her tears were not her own. After tonight, she would cry no more. Finally, her three hundred-year nightmare would come to an end.
Wind whipped her naked body, forcing her against the cliff wall. Jagged rock slashed her skin as the tempest roared madly all around her—berating voices from a thousand rejections. She jammed her hands over her ears, but the voices taunted her mercilessly…reminding her that no matter how hard she tried, she failed to obtain the one thing she desperately craved, the one thing that continually eluded her, the one thing—the only thing—that could liberate her from infinite torment.
She trembled. Rain pelted her like rocks from a cruel god. Welts rose on her skin. Ignoring the pain, she drew a deep breath and fought through the wind to the edge of the cliff. It wrenched around her, punching her, pulling her hair, beating her for being so worthless, so useless. Then lifting her arms, she closed her eyes, and leaned over the precipice. At first, like a benevolent friend unwilling to let her go, the wind held her back, buffeting her in place. But soon even the gale couldn’t hold her up, and she felt herself tumbling down … down … down …
She shattered the surface. Seawater engulfed her, ramming into her from all sides. Deeper and deeper she descended. The jolts mutated to gentle caresses and the sounds of the storm muffled to mere whispers. Her legs melded together. Awkward kicks transformed into one efficient, powerful stroke. Tingling skittered over her body, molding skin into scale.
Perdita released her breath. Bubbles rose. She gulped. Water flooded her lungs—always uncomfortable at first, but then as her skin breathed in the sea, more natural than she cared to admit. More normal to her than breathing air. As normal as the grief that ripped through her every time she dove in the water and became a creature she loathed.
Slipping with ease through the dark sea toward her destination, she soared upward and punched through the surface into the storm once again. Wind spit salty foam in her face. A massive wave carried her high into the night sky like a princess on her chariot. Scanning the turbulent scene, she spotted the monstrous rock—the one they called Hades’ Gate—just half a mile away, aptly named for the number of sailors who had died upon its barbed spikes. Sharp, craggy spears stuck out in every direction as if Natas himself crouched in the sea with a thousand claws extended.
Natas or not, Perdita hoped she would be the next victim.
If only she could position herself just right so the next colossal wave would smash her against the rock with such force, such ferocity, that her body would be completely shredded.
If only …
It had to work. ’Twas her last idea. She’d tried everything else: poison, pistol shot, starvation, stabbing, even leaping into a fire. Each time she’d suffered terribly, but she had always healed. The last time, when she’d jumped off a cliff into a deep ravine, it had taken much longer to recover, and she realized that there was a point past which her body, immortal or not, would not be able to mend itself and would hopefully drift into that peaceful state that was the reward of all mankind. Death.
Ah, sweet, sweet death! To at last find the rest her soul craved. To be free of the tormenting bitterness and despair that plagued her by day and the perpetual hopelessness that assaulted her dreams by night. She must be free—now!
Leaping off the crest of a wave, she dove into the trough and swam to just the right position. Then, arms by her side and tail strong and taut, she swooped up inside the next undulating surge, allowing the force of sea and wind to lift her to the top. Water caressed her body and gurgled and sloshed past her ears in a magnificent orchestra that would put great composers to shame.
Bursting through the foamy cap, she glanced at Hades’ Gate. In perfect position. Daggers of lightning scored the sky. Thunder bellowed its displeasure. No matter. She only needed to ride this swell until it hurled her onto the barbed rock that would set her free.
Some people said if you spoke King Abbas’s name, he would hear your plea and answer. Perdita had always thought them fools. How could he hear anything from here in Erden when he lived far across the chasm? She wasn’t even sure he existed, for no one had ever seen him. Still, mayhap ’twas worth a try. “King Abbas, help me this night, I beg you. Help me find peace.”
Facing forward, she started to close her eyes, wanting to enjoy her last moments as the wave carried her along, but a flicker in the distance snagged her attention. A flash of light, then darkness. Wiping water from her face, she focused on the spot. There it was again. A burst of light. Then black.
She adjusted her body and flapped her tail to keep up with the wave. Foam spun around her. The sea roared its fury. Whatever the flickering light was, what did it matter to her? She would be gone soon enough.
A shout battled for preeminence over thunder. A scream echoed over waves. Against her will, she stared into the darkness for its source. A ship appeared, tottering on the churning swells like a child’s toy in a rushing creek. One of its two masts lay on its side, half in the water, half on deck. Sails and rigging tangled on the ship like a fisherman’s net. The vessel dove into a trough and disappeared from sight. Wails ricocheted around her—wails of impending death. She knew them well.
Had envied them for so long.
The ship appeared again, spinning on a coiling whitecap. Men clung to yards and railings while others scrambled across the deck in a frenzy. Three men raised axes to chop lines in an effort to free the broken mast that threatened to drag them to the deep. One of them crawled precariously out upon the wood, hacking at the rigging with a desperation inherent only to mortals who dreaded their lives cut short.
He fell. One minute he was there, chopping the ropes, the next gone, swallowed up by a raging sea that showed no mercy—except to Perdita.
“Zost!” She swore, glancing back at Hades’ Gate. So close … just moments away. She faced the ship again, drifting farther and farther from the man, who was now but a knot of flailing arms atop liquid coal. What did one more life matter? This was her moment, her time to find freedom. Many sailors fell into the sea with no one to save them. Who was she to disturb the natural course of life and death?
A giant swell grabbed the man and tossed him in the air, then smothered him with raging foam. He disappeared below. One glance behind her told her she had but one more minute and she’d slam into Hades’ Gate. One more minute and the man would drown. Life was precious. All life but hers. She could not leave him.
“Zost!” She groaned and dove into the agitated foam.

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Kato and the Fountain of Wrinkles by Rhys Ella

Title: Kato and the Fountain of Wrinkles
Author: Rhys Ella
Publisher: Tate Publishing Enterprises, LLC
Pages: 284
Genre: Comedy/Action/Adventure/Young Adult
Format: Paperback

Purchase at AMAZON

For famous animal actor Kato Rhyan, being named "Cutest Pug Alive" by Pooch Magazine was cool (all right, really cool).  But for him, acting isn't about fame, it's a part of him buried deep within his soul; and he's not about to let anything stand in his way of becoming the first animal to win an Oscar for Best Actor, even if it means taking on a role that requires a wrinkly dog's worst nightmare -- Botox injections.

But before the injection process begins, it's discovered that the Fountain of Wrinkles -- located in his beautiful hometown of Callia Rugas -- has been contaminated by Botox, jeopardizing the lives of crinkly canines everywhere and setting off a chain of events that force him to bid farewell to his dream and set foot on an adventure of a lifetime in search of the antidote to restore the Fountain. 

But as with any good
Hollywood tale, the story that seems so apparent is not always the one that unfolds.  The twists and turns that follow are sure to keep you guessing and laughing.   

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Colorado Hope by Charlene Whitman

Title: Colorado Hope
Author: Charlene Whitman
Publisher: Ubiquitous Press
Pages: 412
Genre: Sweet Western Historical Romance
Format: Kindle

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1875 ~ Beset by a sudden spring storm on the Front Range, newlywed Grace Cunningham watches in horror as her husband, Monty, is swept downriver. Pregnant and despairing, she stumbles into Fort Collins and tries to make a life for herself, praying that one day the man she loves will walk into town and back into her life.

A year after Grace’s tragic loss, Monty enters the dress shop where she works—with a beautiful woman on his arm. Shocked that he has no recollection of her, Grace is determined to win back his heart. Somehow she must help him regain his memories and his buried love for her—and not just for her sake but for the sake of their infant son, Ben.

Monty, miserable in his marriage to a woman he hardly knows, is inexplicably drawn to Grace. Every time he’s near her, memories surface, but they are hazy and troubling. He’s torn between his vows and the desires of his heart, for he cannot stay away from Grace.

Grace’s hope is sparked when Monty starts recalling glimpses of his past. But when murderous outlaws come to town, she is thrust into grave danger. Monty risks his life to rescue her, only to face even greater perils in the treacherous mountains. Can she truly hang on to hope when she is about to lose all she loves?

Book Excerpt:

May 16, 1875

A fierce wind whipped Grace Ann Cunningham’s hair, yanking at the long strands and pulling them free from their pins. She squinted through the haze of the blustery day and stroked her bulging belly, trying to comfort her baby, who seemed just as agitated by the sudden storm.

Her back ached from sitting on the hard buckboard bench all these miles—much less comfortable than the plush sleeper car they’d enjoyed last week on the train from Illinois to Cheyenne.

She frowned at the dark roiling clouds that had moved in and quickly blotted out the sun.

What had been a pleasant uneventful morning was now turning into an ominous and unsettling afternoon on the open prairie.

Grace sucked in a breath as the baby again kicked her ribs in protest. Her sweet husband’s sun-browned face tightened in concern as he caught her gesture. He pulled on the reins of the two draft horses—sturdy ones they’d bought yesterday in Cheyenne. Surefooted, the seller had told them. And Monty knew his horses, so she trusted his purchase and assurance that they’d
haul them without incident to Fort Collins. But looking at her husband’s face now, seeing the subtle telltale signs indicating that he hadn’t expected this squall nor felt at ease about it, gave her pause. And her normally talkative husband had been too quiet this last hour, eyeing the sky and listening to the roar of the nearby river, as if hearing their complaints and trying to suss out
nature’s intentions.

“The baby all right, darlin’?” He scooted over on the buckboard seat to look her over, then took her hands in his.

Warmth from his gentle grip comforted her, but not as much as the love streaming from his adoring gaze.

“I think so,” she told him, then smiled as he laid his hand firmly on her belly.

Grace thanked the Lord in a silent prayer for this wonderful man who’d married her in a simple ceremony last September. All those years she’d lived with her doting aunt Eloisa in the boardinghouse back in Bloomington, she never imagined she’d be blessed with such happiness.

When Montgomery Cunningham had first stepped into the parlor to take a room before starting college at Wesleyan University, she’d been a shy, giggling girl of ten. Neither of them foresawthe love that would spark six years later when he showed up again unexpectedly, about to head west to explore and survey lands unknown.

Monty closed his eyes, his hand still on the baby in her womb. She imagined him communing with their baby, speaking to it the way he spoke to rivers, to trees, to the land he traversed by boat and on horseback and on foot. Something had happened to him when he returned from the Hayden Yellowstone Expedition. He had changed from boy to man, yes—but it was more than that. He had fallen in love with the West, and with rivers in particular. Although he’d studied geology in college with John Powell, water captured his heart, and he sought out trips that had him navigating whitewater. Nothing made his eyes sparkle more than talking about the way water moved and sang as it cascaded and carved the face of mountains and spilled into waiting valleys. Well, except the way he looked at her.

Monty may have loved rivers, but Grace knew he loved her more. So much more, for he gladly gave up his exploring to settle down and marry and start a family. Although, Grace thought moving to the new town of Fort Collins, Colorado, was adventure enough. She hoped he’d come to see it that way as well and not be into the wild.

The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf by Caldric Blackwell

Title: The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf
Author: Caldric Blackwell
Publisher: Icasm Press
Pages: 32
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

Six-year-old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can’t howl. Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full-moon ceremony, he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl. He learns a lot about howling during his journey, but more importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Unlocking the Mystery of You by D.L. Anderson

Title: Unlocking the Mystery of You: The Pinnacle of Purpose
Author: D.L. Anderson
Publisher: Author House
Pages: 195
Genre: Self-Help
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

Do you know who the most important person in your life is? Just look in the mirror and you will see – it’s you. Whether you’re a college student, a housewife, a salesman, or the president of the United States of America, the most important person in your life is and will always be you.
That being said, your primary objective in life should be to know who you are so that you can position yourself to succeed in offices aligned with your purpose. After all, your purpose is the collective reasoning behind your existence. As one philosopher puts it, “Purpose is the only real reason you are here, for you exist because your purpose exists. Thus apart from purpose, you have no authentic motivation for living. You may very well exist, but when you’re gone, very few will ever know that you were here.”
Now for some of us discovering our purpose is simple. We understood it long before we ever became adults. For others it is not so easy, and for more reasons than I can gather. This is why the process of personal discovery is so critical; for not only does it allow you to discover your purpose. It also positions you to persistently follow the evolution of your purpose.
This is important because we are all changing every day. Consequently, our purpose will also change contingent to the season of life we are in. Still, in spite of this inevitable change and all the complexities which make understanding your purpose difficult, you will always be able to detect your purpose simply because it is the source of your fulfillment. So if you’re in a job, relationship, or any office which is persistently unfulfilling, odds are it is not aligned with your purpose – and unless you are willing to concede the awesome measures of fulfillment you would experience otherwise, you need to start thinking about making a change so that you can both enhance your life and have profound impacts in the various groups and societies you are in.
“Unlocking the Mystery of You” champions this cause focusing first and foremost on purpose and the crucial role it plays in achieving personal fulfillment and setting the stage for the individual to be a catalyst for group fulfillment. It accomplishes this goal by utilizing a purposeful roadmap designated as the Pinnacle of Purpose. The Pinnacle of Purpose is a progressive path illustrated by 7 ascending levels which, if followed sequentially, not only have the power to transform your life. It will provide you with the greatest measures of fulfillment and success life can offer. All you have to do is follow the crucial, yet simple order of purpose, beginning with confidence and concluding with peace. 
So if you’re ready for a change; if you’re ready to stop sleeping on your dreams and your truest passions; if you’re tired of the status quo and living a life which feels incomplete; if you’re tired of wishing your life was better and are now prepared to do something about it; if you’re finally ready to take that ever-difficult leap of faith, then this is a book you must read. Because in this book I show you how to take that leap of faith without falling, for when you leap towards your purpose, you will always land squarely on your feet.
This is true first and foremost because your purpose is what makes you unique to every other individual in the world today, a premise which thoroughly validates the existence of every man and women on the earth. The problem is that many don’t understand their purpose. Once upon a time I didn’t either. That is until I got serious about life. It was then that I realized what purpose is.
It is the collection of all your authentic desires; it is your passion. It is your North Star and your direction; it is your life-long teacher – and above all else, it is that which causes you to press through any form or measure of adversity until you unleash your maximum potential, for it gives you the strength to hold on when you have no strength left within you to hold on.
Book Excerpt:

Do you know what the world’s greatest mystery is? No; it’s not the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Area 51, or cafeteria meatloaf. The world’s greatest mystery is you. That’s right – you. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, you are the world’s best kept secret. The answer is you.

Now it is worth mentioning that you didn’t start out this way. That is to say, you were not always a mystery. At birth you inherited a clean slate which clearly identified your destiny in life. Twas a perfect blend of dreams, desires, and purpose at the forefront of your soul all waiting to be expressed.

Nevertheless, as straightforward as this progression is, many of us will never see this evolutionary expression; for whether it is in our own life or in the life of one of the many individuals we know, this authentic manifestation of the soul will never transpire. Thus regardless of the obvious nature of our destiny, many of us will never find it. Be it disenchantment, chronic cynicism, or excess distractions, many diverse factors will cause for our clear conduit to fulfillment to morph into a complex network of conflicting purposes and broken paths. To put it quite plainly – in time things changed. They always do.

Certainly there is a great deal I could say regarding this untimely change. Yet to sum it up in 2 words, I would simply state that you changed; specifically when you began the figurative yet inaccurate process of growing up.

Believe you me, growing up is not what it’s all cooked up to be. Why not? Quite simply it’s because growing up has unfortunately relapsed into a defective process in which many of us are actually growing away from our destiny. This ill-fated departure transpires as we are adversely influenced by family members, so-called friends, and the world at large.

It’s a tragic disappearing act to say the least; the end results of which are always devastating, for the combination of these adverse influences causes for our initial blend of dreams and purpose to be buried beneath conflicting factors such as expectations, individuality, and control. Inopportunely these opposing factors work to perpetuate immense personal disillusionment; hence the great mystery of you.

Not convinced yet? How many times have you asked yourself, “Why did I do that?” Or how many times have you looked back on a poor decision you made and shook your head as you wondered, “What was I thinking?”

If you’re like me, you’ve asked these questions more times than you can easily count. See our realities are sure. We only know ourselves in part for a good portion of our early lives. Due to a steady inundation of contradictory influences, we will find ourselves investing a great deal of energy and time in sifting through a great many ambitions, intentions, and the like.

The problem is many of these motivations are not in line with our destiny. Consequently our decisions in life will be heavily influenced by factors which do not reflect who we really are, factors which will fail to transform us into the person we were originally designed to be.

Now you are not just a mystery. You are no longer you. You, my friend, are an imposter. Many of us are or have been.


Have I gotten your attention? If so, you are probably asking yourself questions like “what should I do” and “where should I go from here?” Classically there are only 2 paths to be taken at this juncture (which in my estimation is the most crucial crossroad in life).

Now the first path is an unfruitful attempt to go through life in the afore-described model of the self-impostor. Chances are you may very well find your destiny in the end and after all. However, in the off-chance this does occur, the path you take will be filled with missed opportunities, meager levels of contentment, and several regrets.

Moreover, these several disappointments may cause you to deviate from all worthwhile pursuits altogether and settle for an existence void of self-actualization (self-actualization being the activation of your full potential).

As for the second path, it is the good path. I know because I’ve followed this path as well as others who I’ve personally mentored, and yet others all over the world who are just like us. On this path you will embark upon an internal quest to sift through your personal minutia to differentiate your truest purposes in life from your secondary goals.

You will also address all those ambitions which you’ve somehow acquired yet do not correspond to your destiny whatsoever. We generally refer to these unfulfilling ends as “baggage” or “dead weight.” Customarily they are some of the greatest deterrents to finding fulfillment. Hence they are factors you must deal with in your quest and you will.

Not only these; but you must eventually overcome all things to fulfill your destiny. All you have to do is follow the guidelines associated with the Pinnacle of Purpose, a combination of 7 unique steps which will not only unlock the “mystery of you.” In dedicated fashion, the 7 levels of purpose will progressively transform you into the person you were originally destined to be from your beginning.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ITGIRL4LIFE by Tamara Branch

Author: Tamara Branch
Publisher: Heart Project Publishing
Pages: 98
Genre: YA/Self-Esteem
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

Writer, artist and speaker, Tamara Branch serves up 40 bite-sized chapters on how to build unshakable self-confidence, honor your life, and shine bright in the world, in ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights and affirmations to help you soar, ITGIRL4LIFE offers ideas, tools and principles that you can reference and build upon, supporting you in becoming your best. Get ready to fall in love with your own wisdom, beauty and strength.

Book Excerpt:

YOU have IT. IT is the GREATNESS you were born with. IT is that unique special something that is all yours. Nothing and nobody can take IT away from you. IT is not something that you have one day and lose the next. IT is not fleeting. IT is not temporary. IT does not depend on the judgment or approval of others. IT is here to stay. Your job is to tap into IT. Your ITGIRL4LIFE adventure starts NOW. It’s about loving yourself, being authentic, taking charge and making a difference. You will need a great attitude, an open mind, the desire to grow and expand, the courage to create the life you want and the willingness to be your best self.

Are you ready? Your special something and so much more is right this way.

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Night Terror Virtual Book Tour Highlights

It's so sad to see our authors go, but in tribute we do a recap of the highlights of their blog tour with us at Pump Up Your Book.  Today we're highlighting Jeff Gunhus and his Night Terror Virtual Book Publicity Tour.

About the Book:

Ten years after her abduction and near-sacrifice to the Source, Sarah Tremont struggles to be a normal teenager. As much as she’s tried to suppress the power inside of her, it’s grown dangerously strong and has drawn the attention of those who want to possess her power for themselves.

The nightmare that she thought was long over starts again as powerful forces descend upon Prescott City to seek her out. With her parents and Joseph Lonetree’s help, Sarah must stand up to an evil much more powerful than the one she faced in the caves a decade earlier. But in the end, she discovers the greatest danger might come from the power living inside of her.

For More Information

  • Night Terror is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

About the Author:

Jeff Gunhus is the author of both adult thrillers and the Middle Grade/YA series, The Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His book Reaching Your Reluctant Reader has helped hundreds of parents create avid readers. As a father of five, he and his wife lead an active lifestyle simply trying to keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel.
His latest book is the thriller/horror novel, Night Terror.
For More Information

Virtual Book Tour Highlights

"If you are brave enough, if you can handle horror that is both the actual gore written on the pages along with the perfect imagery for your mind to go off on your own tangent wondering what horrors are coming next, this is the book for you.  That is one thing I love about Jeff’s writing, yes – it is gory and that is creepy to read, but the fear that your own mind races to create along side the written word, that is talent.  It’s an excellent mix of both."
-- Not Everyone's Mama (review)

"I'm usually a fan of reading a book in one sitting but I actually had to take a few breaks when reading this book! This will send your mind into some pretty dark places. The plot and the intensity of the main character, Sarah and the evil she is dealing with, pulls you right back in. I thought the characters were vivid and most of all, the descriptions just jumped off the page. It actually made my skin crawl a bit, so if you are on the squeamish side, take warning! If you aren't, this is the perfect book for you. Although this book is the second in the series, you don't have to read the first one to enjoy it. It can definitely be a stand alone book."
-- World of My Imagination (review)

"Jeff Gunhus’s ability to create tension that builds throughout the story is amazing. The world he builds is so clear it is as if I am there. As I near the end, I am sitting on the edge of my seat, my fingers gripping my Kindle tightly, and my expectations run rampant. I keep thinking the end must be here, but he adds this and that and takes me on a roller coaster ride of terror that won’t let me go.
I love this trilogy…and we know it’s not over. So, Jeff, where is Book III?"
-- Fundinmental (review)

"I would give this book more than 5 STARS but since I can't  I'll give it 5 SOLID STARS"
-- Books, Reviews, ETC (review)

"Night Terror is full of suspense and terror. It is not for those with a weak stomach but I liked it."
I just finished reading Night Terror. I really liked this novel. The storyline was great and it had me hooked from the beginning.  Night Terror is full of suspense and action. Author Jeff Gunhus is one of my favorite authors and should be for anyone else who likes horror novels. I give this book a 4/5. - See more at:"
-- Bound 4 Escape (review)

"Wow, this book is seriously a total horror book right out of something like Freddy Kruger from Elm Street!"
--Mary's Cup of Tea (review)

"I don't want to give away what happens in the book, so I won't discuss what happens very much. I will say that I found Night Terror to be a real page-turner and I read the last half of the book in a mad dash because I had to see how it turned out. I would say it isn't for the faint of heart -- and I loved every creepy minute of the book. I am anxiously hoping the story will continue -- this isn't finished yet. As I said earlier, Mama D is haunting my dreams and nights are creepier after having read the book. I would highly recommend Night Terror to anyone who really loves a good horror book."
I liked that the main characters were being trained by their parents. In so many books the parents died. It was nice to see a family working together. The author did throw me for a loop when Haylwen's relatives became suspects. 
There is so much more to this books. There are trust issues, liars, and even a kingdom at stake. I need to read the first book in this series, and definitely the third.
- See more at:"
-- ABookGeek (review)

Visit the official Night Terror Virtual Book Publicity Tour here to read more reviews, interviews with the author and guest posts written by the author!

Miracle Man Virtual Book Tour Highlights

It's so sad to see our authors go, but in tribute we do a recap of the highlights of their blog tour with us at Pump Up Your Book.  Today we're highlighting William R. Leibowitz and his Miracle Man Virtual Book Publicity Tour.

About the Book:

The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero.

Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real.

So begins the saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history.  But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from?

As agents of corporate greed vie with rabid anti-Western radicals to destroy him, an obsessive government leader launches a bizarre covert mission to exploit his intellect.  Yet Austin’s greatest fear is not of this world.

Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal.  But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand.

Miracle Man won Best Thriller in the National Pacific Book Awards.

For More Information

About the Author:

William R. Leibowitz has been practicing entertainment/media law in New York City for a number of years.  He has represented numerous renowned recording artists, songwriters, producers and many of the leading record companies, talent managers, merchandisers and other notable entertainment businesses.  At one point, he was the Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel for the Sanctuary Group of Companies, a U.K. public company that was the largest ‘indie’ music company in the world (prior to its acquisition by the Universal Music Group).

William has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and a law degree from Columbia University.  He lives in the village of Quogue, New York with his wife, Alexandria, and dog, George.

William wrote Miracle Man because of its humanistic and spiritual messages and because he feels that in our current times – when meritless celebrity has eclipsed accomplishment and the only heroes are those based on comic books, the world needs a real hero –and that, of course, is Robert James Austin, the protagonist in Miracle Man.

For More Information

Virtual Book Tour Highlights

"Miracle Man is one of those books you want to set aside a good chunk of time for. You cannot just pick this up and read for a few minutes, then put it back down. Nuh uh, no way will it let you. Once you start, you should get snacks and drinks because you are gonna be reading this until the end! *Just a warning!*"
-- Must Read Faster (review)

"This is a great book to read while you have time to finish it in one sitting. The idea of a man as smart as Robert is not science fiction. I loved all the "genius" lingo etc. that was in the book, and it really made me think about a future that has cures for diseases. I also liked that the writer included Robert's loneliness and alienation. This is also a book about power and the people who have it. The people that Robert works for have a different plan that Robert. Towards the end of the book it was interesting how Robert turns out. I liked that there was an opportunity for a sequel. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own."
This is a great book to read while you have time to finish it in one sitting. The idea of a man as smart as Robert is not science fiction. I loved all the "genius" lingo etc. that was in the book, and it really made me think about a future that has cures for diseases. I also liked that the writer included Robert's loneliness and alienation. This is also a book about power and the people who have it. The people that Robert works for have a different plan that Robert. Towards the end of the book it was interesting how Robert turns out. I liked that there was an opportunity for a sequel. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own. - See more at:"
-- Deal Sharing Aunt (review)

"It was a great story. It was nice to read about someone who wanted to help make people better. The story was written well. It keeps you interested and moves at a decent pace. Also the story is one that most people can relate to. Definatly a book to read!"
-- My Life Loves and Passion (review)

"It's a good story and I hope that you will take the time to read it because it's fascinating to read how people react to someone who they can't understand and how he reacts to their actions."
-- Mary's Cup of Tea (review)

"Recommended to readers of suspense novels (especially those dealing with science or medicine) as well as to readers who enjoy character-driven contemporary fiction; fans of both will find something to enjoy in “Miracle Man.”"
-- Perfectly Unperfect (review)

Visit the official Miracle Man Virtual Book Publicity Tour here to read more reviews, interviews with the author and guest posts written by the author!