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PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with 'Let's Talk About Tickling' Veronica Frances

Veronica Frances is the author of the gutsy, no-holds-barred novel, Tickling Daphne H. Her new non-fiction book Let’s Talk About Tickling sheds a refreshing new light on the subject. She is known as the TickleWriter in some circles.

Veronica also writes under her real name, Stacey Handler. Stacey is the author of The Body Burden; Living In The Shadow Of Barbie. Her book was featured in Jump Magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly, The National Enquirer, and several other publications, radio shows and cable TV shows.

Stacey excels at public speaking, singing, composing, and writing. She is a singer-songwriter, poet, and has written in many different styles. She has an album and several singles available, including her two popular anthems, Ain’t No Skinny Little Thing and Soap Opera Diva.

She lives in New York City, where she continues to write erotica, fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

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About the Book:

Let’s Talk About Tickling is an honest, straightforward discussion about tickling. Discover the many different aspects of tickling—the fantasies, the realities, the many paradoxes of the tickling fetish and how to come to terms with ones own sensuality.

A refreshing and very welcome find, Let’s Talk About Tickling is for anyone who wishes to expand their awareness of tickling and other related fetishes. This book will be of great interest to anyone who wants to get in touch with their sensual self, whether they have a tickling fetish or not.

Author Veronica Frances offers her readers the chance to improve their relationships in and out of the bedroom by shining a light on the powerful significance of tickling. She reminds us that tickling is not merely the whisper of a feather on the flesh. It is an echo that calls us from deep within, beckoning us to listen and respond.

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Thanks for stopping off at the book club today and congratulations on your new book, Veronica!  Can we begin by having you tell us where you got the idea to write Let’s Talk About Tickling?

Veronica: Since my last tickling book was a work of fiction, I wanted to write a non-fiction book on the subject. I realized I have so much to say about tickling, so I started putting all my thoughts down on paper and before I knew it, I had a book.

You are known as the TickleWriter in some circles.  Can you tell us more about that?

Veronica: I began calling myself the TickleWriter on Twitter and my followers seemed to like it, so I decided to use that name on my website

This book is different from your other book, Tickling Daphne H.  Where that book was a book of fiction, your new book is more of a self-improvement book.  The million dollar question is, how will Let’s Talk About Tickling improve our lives?

Veronica:  First of all, we all need a lot more laughter in our lives. Tickling does not always cause laughter, but it can cause a smile to form on our lips. Tickling can cause an inner smile to develop and help to erase frowns as if they weren’t even there. Tickling can really be a bright spot in somebody’s day.

Laughter is a major necessity on the road to happiness. When we feel that smile begin to form on our lips, we feel an inner tickle. We feel joy and that amazing sensation that can come from letting go and actually allowing ourselves to be happy. Tickling and laughter are also fabulous stress reducers.

Tickling can be a fun way to break the ice in relationships. It can be an incredible bonding experience and help us to access our inner-child. Our inner-child often likes to come out to play and tickling is a surefire way to bring our inner-child out. We are so grown up and afraid to be vulnerable and let go of our control. Tickling is a great way to bask in our childlike vulnerability and to share that with our partners.

So this book would actually improve our sensuality?

Veronica: Tickling can jumpstart our libidos. It can lead us down its slippery erotic slope until we find ourselves right at tickling’s magic gateway, feeling that ticklish little poke at our libidos.

Tickling is the gateway to sex. It is the magic link between vulnerability and strong feelings of arousal and surrender.

Tickling can teach us about surrender. Learning to surrender fully to a partner is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Of course, tickling can also offer us a clear path into BDSM and roleplaying, where our fantasies can be played out and where we can explore parts of our sensuality that may have previously been untapped.

Who will benefit from your book?

Veronica: Even though Let’s Talk About Tickling is primarily a book about tickling, you do not need to have a tickling fetish to enjoy and benefit from this book. You may or may not have a tickling fetish, but you may have other fetishes or kinks looming around the garden of your sensuality, as your sensuality is always growing. It’s just a matter of whether you are open to what your own sensuality has to offer you.

As for tickling, even though you may or may not have the fetish, you might know someone who does, or may feel interested or intrigued by tickling and what it is about tickling that some people find so arousing. So, this book may very well be something that interests you, whether you have a tickling fetish or just a strong curiosity about fetishes and kinks in general.

This book is for anybody who wishes to expand their sensuality and improve their relationships in and out of the bedroom. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you have a very important relationship with yourself and your sensuality is an important part of that relationship. Embracing yourself and your sensuality is an important part of your personal growth. Even if you are not fully in touch with your kinky side, this book will help you find that kinky part of yourself you may have kept hidden or want to explore further.

What’s next for you Veronica?

Veronica: Over the coming months I will be promoting my new book. I may go back to a fiction book I was working on, but I am exploring other writing ideas as well. I often end up surprising myself. I never know what I might create next. That is part of the fun of being a writer and creative being.

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