Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Interview with Ted Bagley, author of The Demolition of Democracy


Inside the Book:

Title: The Demolition of Democracy
Author: Ted Bagley
Publisher: XLibrisUS
Genre: Political Science
Format: Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover

This work is a synopsis of how I, from my research, feel that this current administration and its behavior, policies, and attack on the democratic foundation of the country could be the undoing of the US as we know it today.

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The Interview:

Can you please tell us about the book?
This book was written to educate people on the importance of participating in the voting process. We can no longer sit on the sidelines criticizing when we chose not to participate in the process. Having the wrong person sitting in the White House has long reaching effects on the direction of the country and how we are viewed by the outside world. For the first time in our lifetime we are not looked on favorably as the leader of the world. 

Who or what is the inspiration of the book?
The current failure of this Trump administration and the lack of participation in the downstream election at the state and local level.

What cause are you most passionate about?
Police reform. Primarily because of the number of unarmed black and brown people who are killed needlessly. 

Do you have a ritual when finishing a project?
No, not particularly.

Who has influenced you in your writing career?
Dr. Roosevelt Thomas, Daniel Coyle, Alex Haley and Vicky Stringer. 

What are your long term goals?
Total retirement and travelling once COVID-19 is over

Meet the Author:
The author is writing his fourth novel ,The Demolition of Democracy, to give substance to what he sees as a threat to the stability of our country by the current Trump administration.


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